A Messsage From Bachmann on Homosexuality

group marriage?? yes please!


Homegrown -- only ... 40 days away?

This is Hotrod Heartthrob, standing next to the lead singer of Toto. I don't know what that guy's name is, and it may not the Toto, as their Web site says they're playing SCHEIDEGG CH tonight. Wherever that is, it's not close to Forest Lake.

Basically, this post is a reminder that the Homegrown Music Festival exists primarily as a showcase for Bone Appetit. From winning the event to headlining it to saving it (as they did last year, when they filled in for a missing band), Bone Appetit dominates the Duluth music scene, even when they live in the cities and play only sporadically.

Low, assorted bands with the word "Black" in your name, fake punk "grrrl" bands, Northeastern Minnesota rappers: Bow before the alter of Bone Appetit


Marc Gartman Forever!

I too heard that N.W.W. is taking a break. I've come across Marc a few times on tv in the last few days (now that he's got all that extra time). He seems to be doing some cool things, yet there's a far-off look in his eyes, as if he's longing for something (like playing with his band).

I think he needs a fan club, like Kelly.


Hold Steady Tickets

I bought 2 Hold Steady tickets for October 30th at First Ave, unfortunately I am not going to be able to use them. . .I'm lookin' to get rid of them for cheaper than I got them. . .$15 each or $30 for both. Email me at craftyduluth@yahoo.com or give me a call at 218-428-2710. Spread the word.


i narrowly escaped something really unattractive

almost a quarter of all babies born in the u.s. are born by c-section. the typical cut is called a bikini, just like the undies i think most girls wear most of the time. the top of these undies sit right along the same line where the baby escapes from the belly. you have to wear undies because you have to wear pads, but you don't want the elastic rubbing against your incision. the reasonable solution is to wear big undies, called "briefs" even though they're anything but brief. these undies sit way up high above the incision - and well above the waist of normal pants. this is the slippery slope leading straight to MOM JEANS. i'm just lucky i saw where i was heading before it was too late.