Marc Gartman Forever!

I too heard that N.W.W. is taking a break. I've come across Marc a few times on tv in the last few days (now that he's got all that extra time). He seems to be doing some cool things, yet there's a far-off look in his eyes, as if he's longing for something (like playing with his band).

I think he needs a fan club, like Kelly.


Hold Steady Tickets

I bought 2 Hold Steady tickets for October 30th at First Ave, unfortunately I am not going to be able to use them. . .I'm lookin' to get rid of them for cheaper than I got them. . .$15 each or $30 for both. Email me at craftyduluth@yahoo.com or give me a call at 218-428-2710. Spread the word.


i narrowly escaped something really unattractive

almost a quarter of all babies born in the u.s. are born by c-section. the typical cut is called a bikini, just like the undies i think most girls wear most of the time. the top of these undies sit right along the same line where the baby escapes from the belly. you have to wear undies because you have to wear pads, but you don't want the elastic rubbing against your incision. the reasonable solution is to wear big undies, called "briefs" even though they're anything but brief. these undies sit way up high above the incision - and well above the waist of normal pants. this is the slippery slope leading straight to MOM JEANS. i'm just lucky i saw where i was heading before it was too late.


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Art Festival

For those in the chicago area, I will be having a photography display at the Around the Coyote Art Festival. If you are interested in attending, visit www.aroundthecoyote.com for details. I will be in the Lubinski building.

A preview of the works that will be on display... photos.
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Willie loves Bioidiesel. We love Willie. We are the Duluth Biodiesel Co-op. We sell biodiesel. We want you to be a member. Here's why:

1. Meet legends, watch their shows from backstage
2. Save the world

Join/Buy: 218-340-6153

Agreed, since he's not here, let's talk about him.

Pat Robertson + Tammy Faye = Baci.

Anyone else ever noticed that?


Since he's not here, let's talk about him.

Susan Sarandon's S.O. + That Law and Order guy = Baci.

Anyone else ever noticed that?


Need some help!

A friend of mine desperately needs some help. She's looking for an apartment within walking distance to downtown, and to move in September 1st. There are a couple of factors that have been making this very difficult. It's her first apartment (no rental references), she just started her new job at Fond du Luth (no paystub yet), for "security reasons" Fond du Luth absolutely refuses to acknowledge that she works there to anyone who calls to verify her employment, and she has a cat. Also, does not want a roommate situation. She can spend up to $650 after any utilities. We've called pretty much everyone in the paper and also called Apartment Advisors with no luck. Nobody likes cats. She's very good at bills - I thought maybe there's a chance someone on PDD could be helpful.


Happy and Smart!!

Want to go to China??? Come on along!! Follw us...if the PRC allows us to edit the blog...as we fly NWAir(and their expertly maintained planes) to pick up our loveley new bambino



How to Serve the Ministry of Reshelving:

  1. Go to a bookstore and locate its copies of George Orwell's 1984. It is probably incorrectly classified as "Fiction" or "Literature."

  2. Discreetly move all copies of 1984 to a more suitable section, such as "Current Events", "Politics", "History", "True Crime", or "New Non-Fiction."
Ministry of Reshelving website
Ministry of Reshelving Flickr group

(Via Future Tense on MPR - Listen)



I want to share the email response I got from Doteasy.com today.

Hello Scott,

Please note that your usage for the month has exceeded the capabilities of a shared hosting environment. If you have taken the necessary steps to reduce your traffic usage, you will see an improvement in your site performance in the next month or so. If at the end of this month your performance has still not improved, please contact us again and we will see what we can do for you. If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Doteasy Customer Service
"Join the hosting revolution!"

So it looks like it might be a while until things get back to normal. Hang tight kids.



Originally mentioned at Gizmodo as a prototype in 2003, IO2 Technology has just completed the production unit and provided the details behind the revolutionary HelioDisplay which produces interactive 3D dsiplays in thin air (via lasers) from common sources.

The HelioDisplay technology page lists some of its remarkable features:
# Inputs from most regular sources: PC,TV, DVD, HDTV, Video game consoles
# Projects a 22″ to 42″ (depending on model) diagonal image that floats above the device
# It is interactive, like a virtual touch screen: a hand or finger can act as a mouse
# Although the HelioDisplay uses lasers, the images are not holographic

Possible uses for this product include advertising, entertainment facilities, design prototyping, teleconferencing etc. Obviously the applications for such a product are endless. Most importantly it may convince my wife to finally allow the purchase of the Brook Burke Swimsuit calendar for testing purposes! This of course relies heavily on pricing (TBD) and other more, um, personal matters.

Apparently the product is ready for release;

You may have noticed.

PDD has been loading very slowly or not at all lately. This is because of the widely popular dancing kid from West Duluth. We removed the file from our server yesterday so hopefully things will start to return to normal.

Thank you for your patience.


Riot riot.

Man those Apple People ;)

Setting aside that frivious comment, this is just wack, it's like Xmas hysteria, only for profit and old computers

Cleaning Up

I don't understand why dog owners are expected to clean up their animal's droppings, but horse owners can just leave huge messes. Have you been on that trail by Hawk Ridge lately? There's a new landmine every ten feet.

What have we got to lose?



Shameless introduction.

hi, my name is Ian, I've been lurking around here for quite a while and feel like it is time for a shameless introduction. sooo.... If you happen to like trip-hop/downtempo music, we (2 djs, percussionist, and random guests) play down at the Red Star every Saturday evening from 11pm till midnight (before the dance music starts). If you stop by, say hello. (I'm the one with the long hair)

wish me luck...

Tamara and I are travelling to Bayfield to do some lawn care on her ma's place. Her Ma's gonna be there at some point this weekend as well. While it's a great way to escape the City during the Boozefest (if it were only booze and not fifty thousand rich white guys riding harleys listening to the "blues," I'd stay but it isn't so I'm not...), I'm sort of nervous about the whole meet the mom thing...sort of. I'm not freaked out about it by any means.

In every other relationship I've been in, meeting the mom means things are for the most part...serious...which they are, IMO...cohabitation sorta solidifies that.

ehh...I've got nothing to worry about really.

hope everyone has a great weekend nevertheless...

it's just a jump to the left.

this is your last chance to see the stage production of "the rocky horror show" at the playground in technology village.

friday night (tonight): 7:30pm ($10), 11pm ($5)
saturday night (tomorrow): 7:30pm ($10), 11pm ($5)

and then it's OVER! and you'll be real sad you missed it.

if you go to the late shows, dress up! that's when the crazies come out.

perseid meteors + camping

i just, just came down with the itch.

yes, the itch to come up and camp with the boyfriend and the dogs for a night to watch the perseids, which are supposed to be phenomenal tonight.

so...can anyone suggest a good, secluded, non-light-polluted, preferably low-cost place to camp?

[now i really, really want to leave work. i mean, leave work now.]

Barret's new project

Barret you need to do this with USPS boxes...........

Even though Fed Ex has given this guy a c/d for his website....



C. Monroe

I spent Tuesday morning with the infamous Chris Monroe. We talked, she inked. Won't you watch? This story can also be seen at MN Stories.

[click the pic]


the KID

here's a link for all you who've lost out:


The NorShor just can't seem to catch a break!

Anybody know the scoop?

Ok, if anyone was wondering about the craziness of the last few days - it was my fault.
It wasn't meant to be mean-spirited or anything. When I saw the video, I was reminded of the Star Wars Kid, Numa Numa, and other "internet hits". So I posted it to the same site where I saw the previously mentioned videos, figuring that some other people might enjoy "the Kid from West Duluth", and it might even bring some attention to Duluth's little blog.
Later when I checked back, I was disturbed and dismayed by what people had written. I felt like a kid in high school inviting my new buddies to the A/V room to meet my old friends, and then was shocked and horrified as my "new friends" started trashing the A/V equipment and stealing lunch money from my friends. Seriously. I had an ache in my stomach as I thought "What have I done?"
I just wanted everyone to know that we didn't have an online community full of assholes, just one.


What i did over summer vacation

I made Chairs with Phil Lowe.

Tommy Lee + Me

Is anyone else excited about Tommy Lee goes to college?

By golly, I am. I went to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, just like Tommy. My first year, I lived in the dorm pictured above. But that's not all. It seems that Tommy and I have been leading nearly parallel lives.

Consider this:

Tommy's last name is Lee
My middle name is Lee

Tommy played drums in a band.
I played drums in a band.

At UNL, photographers followed Tommy everywhere.
At UNL, I studied photography.

Tommy has lots of tattoos. And nipple rings.
I know people with tattoos. I have nipples.

Tommy married a woman whose name starts with "P"
I married a woman whose name starts with "P"

I have 2 kids.
Tommy has at least 2 kids

Chicks dig Tommy and ignore his faults.
Chicks ignore me.

I'm old.
Tommy's even older.

I have SO many creepy Japanese things to share...

Ok, ok. Sure, they're a different culture, with a vastly different history, values, mores, etc, etc. But SERIOUSLY, sometimes it's like they're from another planet.

What happened to the KID

Where did he go? Who removed him?



Anyone interested in a mid-September pdd picnic or other get togeather?

ideas and suggestions below please.


Support yer PBS!

Tamara and I made the Big Jump and pledged moolah to PBS last night. They made us an offer we just couldn't refuse...

We got a bobblehead, a Red Green coffee mug, Red Green patch, and the Red Green DVD! All I need now is a case of duct tape and I'm set!

Let's bow our heads for the Man's Prayer...

Dear Lord,
I'm a man,
But I can change
If I have to,
I guess.

keep your stick on the ice.


Duluth via NYT

The New York Times sold out locally yesterday for this article (registration required--you can use Bug-Me-Not to avoid).

Duluth, Minn.


ozzfest ticket?

I have 1 ticket for Ozzfest in Somerset Wisconsin this coming Sunday (the 7th). I must part with it because I purchased the ticket for the wrong day. All I wanted was to see Iron Maiden... grr.

$75 for the ticket... $5 less than the $80 for the ticket with all the Ticketmaster inconvienence charges. If you are interested, feel free to email me: afx (at) roadcone (dot) org

Now to sit and watch "Live After Death" and cry.


Street Parking

You know, I've lived here on and off for six years now, but never once asked this. What is the deal with parking either way on roads? I've never seen it like this anywhere else that I've been, and am just wondering if it is technically illegal, and just that nobody cares. I've never had issues doing it, but have at least one friend who claims to have gotten a ticket for it.

Either way, I like it. :D You just know that the liberal attitude for parking, combined with the one way streets really has to confuse a bunch of the tourists.

I <3 West Duluth

Info passed on to me that I will share with you.

(not my words, cut and paste)
I HAVE JUST HEARD THAT THE WALGREENS IN WEST DULUTH IS SELLING T-SHIRTS THAT SAY "I LOVE WEST DULUTH". THIS IS NOT A JOKE. I AM SO THERE!! And what brings even more glory to the story you ask? They are being sold in honor of SPIRIT VALLEY DAYS!!!!!!!!! It's so amazingly lame/awesome, I can barely contain my joy!!!!!!!!!!

Old school Wrestling

Growing up in northern Minnesota/North Dakota my weekend mornings were taken up with Vern Gagne's All-Star Wrestling, the TV showcase for the legendary American Wrestling Association (AWA).

Those were the days. It might have been 30-below outside, but inside, on the shag carpet, the world's finest scripted violence was beamed directly to our boob tube. Nothing beat sitting there, clad only in a pair of tidy whities, taking in the turnbuckle-smashing spectacle with a grilled cheese sandwich and a glass of milk.

so -- you can understand my sheer joy when it was announced that this Saturday night, at our very own Moose Ridge Lodge in beautiful downtown Isabella Minnesota, will host the super awesomeness of 'The Vern Gagne Wrestling All-Stars'. Featuring such thrilling acts like the Boxing Monkey, a midget who can kick himself in the head and some Playboy Playmate... Oh sure, you fancy Duluthinas have you film festivals, your big music thingys and all, but come on... you know deep down inside you yearn for this. We humans NEED to see fake violence. It is who we are, so stop denying yourself of what your body needs and join me in the hot midget on monkey action this Saturday night for some cheap pitchers of beer, boobs, and maybe a little christianity. Folks, it don't get any better then this.


My Mom.

My Mom and Stepdad are coming to Duluth tomorrow for their annual visit and I'm looking for suggestions on activities. Of course we will go to the beach and eat out and maybe go to a movie. Where do you all take your folks when they visit? I'm open to any and all suggestions.

Thank you.

Oodles of Poodle...

Yesterday some friends and I saw an amazing sight. We were walking down 3rd on the way to Pizza Luce when we spotted something usual. A woman was walking up the hill towards us pushing a wheelchair. No, she wasn't taking grandpa on an outing. She was actually taking her gargantuan poodle for a "walk". The woman looked really crabby, which was understandable seeing as it was really hot out and that poodle must have weighed close to 100 lbs.


I Heart Hummers...a Civil Disobedient Excursion

heh..been a while but...just had to pass this along...

Pynt and i were walking along Superior Street a few evenings ago on our way back to my place for an evening with the Simpsons. We were approaching the intersection of 10th/Superior/London when the light changed, allowing a minivan, followed by one of those GODAWFUL H2's, and a few other vehicles to go. Given my disdain for the garish presence of those things, I decided it'd be clever to excercise my right arm and...one, two, three...flip it the bird.

I didn't think too much of it when the guy driving the thing pulled into the parking lot of that medical center that sits on the corner, because Pynt and I had gone off to watch the cars down on I-35 for a couple of minutes. When we made our way back to the sidewalk (a couple of minutes later) the Hummer was still sitting in the lot. When the guy saw us, he pulled back out onto Soup Street. Doesn't go past us, like he should. He stops the 'car,' which causes a few cars behind him to have to stop as well. The guy rolls down his window and says "What's the problem, DUDE?"

"This is my problem" was my reply, pointing at the vehicle.
"What's wrong with it?"
"You're driving it!"
"What's wrong with it?!?"
"You're drving it!"
The altercation didn't go farther than that, but ended up with him using the canned "It's American Made," and "Get a job" retorts as he was driving away...I'd like to think he went home and cried about the whole affair. Had the convo progressed any further, I was going to point out that what he was driving was an expensive unnessecary piece of crap.

Now, I have also been thinking about the karmic ramifications of my actions that night, and other than infringing on his right to own one, and being a general nusiance (and perhaps conscientious voice) to his seemingly carefree existence...I can think of none that would adversely affect my life, other than the outside chance of meeting him in a bar one evening and having to defend myself from his bruised ego.

thoughts? Am I so wrong???

Free Range on NPR

Hey! Here's the Free Range Film Fest on NATIONAL public radio -- perfect with my sat morning coffee



What the f^@k are you people doing after the Free Range Film Festival on Friday night? I WISH I could make it that night, but I'm working, so I can only make it Saturday. Still, I get off at 11 Friday and would like to participate in some post-movie madness. Where's the scene?


send me your linkage.

I was just poking around the music links on the right sidebar there and realized they need some updating. So leave your links in the comments and I will be sure to include them. This also goes for the Culture, Blog and Vlog sections.

Thank you very much.

above photo by Joe Cunningham


More press about that farm movie thing.

City pages article about this weekend's film fest by PDD's very own Godsey

Nicely done, Mr. Godsey.
any graphic designers out there who need a temp job?

yeah, i've been lurking, and now i post, and that's all i have to say.


Odd Request

Are there any nicknames for Duluth/Superior that I don’t know of? I'm stuck on the following list:

-Twin Ports

-Zenith City
-North Shore

-South Shore

Blogless Blogging Blogger

I did some work on a web site for a friend and he asked me to set up a blog for him. I set up the blog but have no clue how to go about getting it "out there."

Does anyone know? I've added it to most of the blog search engines and put a couple links on the blog itself...
seems like an interesting blog but what do I know?

Does anybody out there know how to get more attention to a blog?

thanks, duluth.

Here's the site:
Here's the blog:


Duluth Potter Party in EW

Got my copy of Entertainment Weekly in the mail today and was treated to a two page spread of Duluthians at the recent Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince release party thrown by Northern Lights Books. This once again proves we are the geekiest city in America.

We Got Your Blues Right Here, Cracker

Come celebrate the Transistor's much belated anniversary and 4-page expansion, Blues Fest Weekend. It's a soc hop, a social, a mixer, a brouhaha--it's two nights of not blues to keep you from shoving pencils into your ears to make it all stop.

PDD segway gang

In liew of *fire lounge, I say we all go and rent some of these hummers and terrorize the touristas. Next monday night(evening)? I dont know what the cost is...oh, better yet.. rent 'em then hit happy hour at luce' toss back a quick couple of whiskey dews and buzz the lakewalk...*fire and his video...yeah baby...get 'er done! Anyone on board??


Message to Amy.

Hey Amy.

The comments seem to be down so I will send you encouragement this way. Go buy the book "Easy Way to Quit" at Barnes and Noble. It really helped me quit.

Call me if you need any support.


the ease of pina colada

If tomorrow is anything like today you an find me on the beach/park point all day. Find me early enough and I'll even share some homemade pina colada. woo.

Amy... lolipops?

a little help

hey everyone-
i'm quitting smoking, right now i'm at the 24 hour mark. does anyone have any suggestions? i'm going cold turkey because i heard the patch can give you nightmares. i can't chew gum. so that leaves me with finger drumming.

Free Range Film Festival

Free Range Film Festival version 2.0 is only one week away. Mark your calenders.

If you browse the calender you might notice a couple of my films. No more 320x240 viewing, I'm on the big screen baby!

Seriously, this is an amazing event so, get out to the farm!


alcoholic tendencies

i been drinking a fair number of gin and tonics lately.

nothing like two or three of those babies to put a guy to sleep while he's watching the tour de france.


Get Back in the Kitchen

"We continue to believe that Roe was wrongly decided and should be overruled ... the Court's conclusions in Roe that there is a fundamental right to an abortion and that government has no compelling interest in protecting prenatal human life throughout pregnancy find no support in the text, structure, or history of the Constitution." --John Glover Roberts, Jr. [Brief before the Supreme Court (Rust v. Sullivan, 500 U.S. 173, (1991)]

On a side note, Wikipedia
is awesome. They apparently exist on the InterWeb highway with some sort
of magical, prognosticative sci-fi ability.

punk bitch bicycle thieves

yesterday, my 1999, kawasaki green, 21-inch, often-crashed, sporadically maintained specialized rockhopper a1 comp mountain bike was jacked from in front of the chester creek cafe.

i've been coveting newer rides lately, but still...i loved that green bike, and i'd recently committed myself to riding it till it couldn't be ridden anymore. we'd been through a lot together: a separated shoulder; some hot bike-on-tree action; a few drunken rides up the hill after good nights at various bars.

it's the third bike i've had stolen in duluth. no, i hadn't locked it up. yes, that makes me an idiot. but like one of the c.c. cafe servers said, "geez. it's not like you'd set it outside the cozy." i'd fallen into a false sense of security, because i'd never locked it up at the cafe, and, until yesterday, it had never been stolen.

smart, eh? trusting people and being lazy are both stupid.

i have a bleeding heart, and i neither prefer nor condone violence, but if i see someone riding a big lime green bike with reflective "G" stickers on the front and back of the frame, i just might beat the piss out of them. if nothing else, i'll knock them down with vigor, and not care if they have to walk home.

i hope there's a special ring of hell reserved for bicycle thieves. they're punk bitches, every one.