November 3rd

It could happen. It's probably gonna happen. Click the image below if you're wondering what to do Wednesday morning...

american roots

if you happen to log on, or is that blog on, right about now, tune in to American Roots on MPR. Nick Spitzer is doing a great political-themed show. Lots of great songs and interviews with musicians about presidents past, present, and FUTURE (ie Kerry).

Is this a metaphore for what Bush is Really Saying to the World?

an interesting little clip from our Prez.

Malkovich malkovich, malkovich malkovich.

So anyone interested in some good ol' fashioned bartering? I have photo prints up for grabs. I do web design as well as post-processing for photos and the like. I also do band photos, blah blah blah.

How about you?

email billnye at gmail.com

Who is your favorite?

This is the time, this is the record of the time

So today, er Friday that is, the wife and I drove down to madison to see Laurie Anderson. She came out in an all black outfit with stars (sparkles) at her neck and buttons and cuffs with a simple black stage setup. And she did the Laurie Anderson thing. Pieces about time and space and perceptions of both, and NASA (she was the 1st, and only, artist-in-residence for NASA), and bits of personal history as well as music on her wonderful modified violin. She even referenced Tom Waits, which was very cool. Madison itself was a splitting headache, Friday night before Halloween is a bad time to drive in this city of confusing roadways and drunks literally jumping in front of your car, but it was worth it to see Laurie. Back at the hotel we walked across to a restaurant and found $23 on the ground, which neatly paid for supper and a nice tip for the waiter. I have waited a long time to see Laurie, and now I can safely check that off the "great list to see", only have 3 or 4 more on that list...
They where very strict about the no camera policy so you'll have to do with a stock photo...


Sell out!

You may notice that Google ads now appear on the Blog. After speaking with some folks who have taken the dip it seems like we might actually be able to cover the yearly costs of hosting with these. Any extra moola will be put back into the PDD community. I hope no one is too offended. Barrett may do some tweaking as far as location. Any input can be directed to me, (starfire at gmail dot com.)

The ads can also be quite hilarious since they are related to the content of the Blog.




...Almost there...

Well, here we are - at the end of October - er, I mean, Octsober. And can you believe it - I actually made it! Quite frankly, I wasn't sure I'd be able to do it as abstaining from the brew sucks just about as much as most people think it does. Possibly more. And all it took to get me through the whole month was three bottles of O'Douls. Go ME!

To clear things up for those that haven't followed the Octsober chronicles as closely as others (that would be the majority), the purpose for this "project" was simple: To see if I could do it. Basically, since I was about 19 years old I probably haven't gone more than a week without at least one drink. Lately, it's become a nightly ritual for me to have a beer or three in the evening to facilitate a smooth transition from what is normally a frantic day to the sweet, sweet land of slumber.

Also, I'll just go ahead and answer the question that most people have asked, "What about Halloween?" Of course I'm drinking on Halloween - well, technically not Halloween but at a party on Saturday the 30th. I'm committed to staying sober until then, but not stupid enough to pass up a good party. Please!!!

Anyhoos - this will probably be my last sober post. On Monday the 1st, I'll no doubt post a note on the extent of my hangover from the party. It should prove to be one hellava morning, given the fact that it'll be my first drink(s) in a month. Yee-HA!

Psssst. Pass it on.

An estimated 100,000 civilian deaths in Iraq. Here is the BBC's report.


Like now

Whenever I'm sad
whenever I'm lonely
whenever I'm broke
whenever I'm sprawled on the floor
whenever I bowl
whenever I wake up

I remember:

The Dude abides.

"Oh, Gimli!"*

For the snobbits...and those who love/fear them:

Ancient hobbit-sized human species discovered

*When I went to see The Two Towers in the theater, there was this girl sitting in front of us who kept giggling "Oh, Gimli!" every time that character did something even remotely amusing. Which, apparently in her mind, was every time he came onscreen. I think she had the hots for him...but it does make a great catchphrase, I've gotta admit.


Oh Ye of Little Faith

The Red Sox won. What does this portend for the fate of the nation? Babies born with 2 heads? Kerry winning the election? I fear for myself.

I'm not a sports nut, but you have to love it when the losers win.

Evil for Hire

From Yahoo News:

LONDON - With U.S. voters soon to pass their verdict on President George W. Bush, readers of a British magazine have rated him the year's top screen villain.
Bush won the dubious accolade, announced Wednesday, for his appearance in Michael Moore's anti-Bush documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11."
He beat a shortlist that included the nefarious Doctor Octopus, played by Alfred Molina, in "Spider-Man 2"; "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre'"s cannibalistic Leatherface; Andy Serkis' creepy Gollum from "Lord of the Rings" trilogy; and Elle Driver, the eyepatch-wearing assassin played by Daryl Hannah in "Kill Bill."
Almost 10,000 people voted in the poll, conducted by Total Film Magazine.
"It is possible that people have been a little bit tongue in cheek here, but they are also saying that Bush was very scary in 'Fahrenheit 9/11,'" said the magazine's editor, Matt Mueller.

mp3 downloads of songs played by John Peel

mp3 downloads of songs played by John Peel

I thought of tucking this away in the comment section of the post below, but decided it deserved a FPP

Just a couple more days.

If you are like me, an MPR junkie and a Blogoholic you have probably had it up to here with this political season. So get off your butt and head down to the Brewhouse tomorrow (10/28/04) for an evening of PROTEST music, good conversation and beer.

Joining me for this special edition of the Starfire Lounge are some of PDD's best, Edgewood and Godsey. On drums Bob Johnson (kidding, he's on the turntables.)

It all starts at 9:30pm. Precinct polling locations and maps will be on hand if you are not sure where to go.

Tell your friends, tell your co-workers, tell your family. Then go out and VOTE.

artwork kindly provided by Bridget Riversmith
well we are now in the red zone, election wise. Less than a week and I don't know anyone else feels but to me this is the most potentially dangerous time of the year. All of these "tinfoil hat" scenarios floating around, who knows if one of them will come true for an "October surprise".
1. Bin Laden "found".
2. Claims of Bin Ladin found later refuted post election.
3. Terrorist attack.
4. Small, or aborted terrorist attack the day before the election.
5. WMD "found".

Any of which, if timed right would give the scrotum in office a win. (some argue that a terrorist attack may backfire, much like in Spain, but I think if it is done the day before many people will not be rational come election day)

You name it and lord knows it could happen this year.. Atlantis rises and the ancient lost masters subjugate us to their will? Sure, a long shot but perhaps eh?
...Another list... 5 ways this election could go extra innings to the SCOTUS (supreme court).

-Voting glitches involving electronic or other voting machines
- Litigation over which provisional ballots are valid
- A fight over the Colorado amendment to split the electoral vote
- A tie in the electoral college or a faithless elector
- A terrorist attack that disrupts voting in a swing state

And a small bit of good news. "Undecided voters tend to vote 2:1 for the challenger". Tend is actually equal to about 90% of all elections. So Kerry should get a bounce from the fence sitters. One hopes that is enough to dispose of the current regime.

And one more bad.
Fla troubles brewing


concert with folk singers

playing a little show...

Thursday Oct 28 - 7pm
Benefit for Twin Ports SOA Watch
Sara Thomsen and Jerree Small
UWS - Rothwell Student Center Ballroom
Superior, WI
$2-$20 sliding scale donation

only 5 days left

oRSo! oRSo! oRSo!!!!

i wonder if any of you fine humans know/care that oRSo will be playing your town on thursday oct 28th!?!?!?!?


amazing musicians related to the califone/rex/him/red red meat/perishable records family!


because i can't!!!!! sob...

and i want some reviews too......

New Kinky Geek Sex Talk

When it's over, and you're feeling fully satisfied, it's fun to exale deeply and moan, "baby, your blog has published successfully."

It can also be helpful in the process to let your lover know where you are at. "Oh yeah! ... That's it honey! ... Files published: 66 percent!"

John Peel dead at 65.

The legendary John Peel has died while on vacation in Peru.

I was lucky enough to almost meet him twice. Low has done 2 or 3 Peel Sessions and the last one was at his home. He had a full studio in his country home and would often host bands there. His lovely wife Sheila made us dinner and he was on his way to join us but was stranded in London due to a larger than normal snowfall. It was amazing to be at his home looking at his music collection and seeing all the pictures from a long and distinguished career. You could tell that he really loved music.

Rest in peace Mr. Peel and say hi to all the dead Rock and Roll stars.



When I lived in the Twin Cities, I saw a bumpersticker on tons of cars, but I never knew what the hell it was. I saw them all over, on junky old cars, new sweet cars, but I could never figure out what the hell the sticker meant.
Just when I had convinced myself that I had made it up, yesterday I saw the sticker again!
Please oh please can someone tell me what this hell this thing means???
<--my crappy rendition

do you wanna? 'cause i wanna & i'm gonna.

i'm gonna be crafting tonight at the mac from approximately 10pm to midnight. so there. you're invited. some other people will be playing music - the housing project. perfect for crafting. here are some ideas for stuff to do, if you don't have anything going right now. or just come and write secret things in your notebook or paint your nails or something.

oh i forgot to say board games, card games, word games, games of all kinds are welcome - i will kill you at skip-bo. oh yeah, i will.

Posture D in the house Y'all

Its fahrcking preposterous to think you can grow bones without phosphorous.

Chicago. Eau Claire. I-94. Natural American Spirit.


This is a plea...

I want to live in Duluth. I have wanted this for several or more years but have been unable to move the molecules that will make it happen. Here's why I want to live there:

1. Beauty
2. People
3. Water
4. Home

Now I'm on the cusp. I have a job prospect and an impending interview. I have a deep, deep appreciation for the landscapes (natural and cultural) of the area and i desperately need to leave where I've been stagnating of late.

I painted this in order to have a deity to pray to:

You don't know me, but I want to know you. Pray along with me that I'll be there soon. I'd quite appreciate the gesture.

check, check, is this thing on?

I am sitting outside, in front of the Dunn Bros. in Minneapolis enjoying the 60 degree weather and WiFi access. I am on my way home from a weekend visit to Austin, MN. It has been quite some time since I have visited and my grandfather is in the hospital recovering from Colon Cancer surgery so it was a great time to head south. I was able to visit with him a couple of times and he improved greatly from my first visit. I also hung out with my nephews and my brothers and my Grandma and my folks. All in all a good trip.

Yesterday I hijacked my brothers video camera and some of their videotapes and I made this movie[10mb Quicktime]. I hope I am not taking up more than my share of bandwidth but I had so much fun making this I thought I would share it with y'all.

Now I must get back in the rental car, say goodbye to the last gasp of summer heat and head home to Duluth where I belong.


Nerds Unite!

I am here at slumber with my laptop. Oh yes, I am a nerd. Anyone else enjoying (what I am almost certain is, but I am too lazy to get up and see) the sitar?

Let's get ready to rummmmmmble...

In a bizarre Penn & Telleresque press conference Jess Ventura endorsed John Kerry for president. His good friend, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is out stumping for George Bush, though he says it's hurting his sex life.

You know what I'm thinking? This has all the makings for a great grudge match.

"In this corner, in the pink feather boa, weighing in for John Kerry, the working class, and the intellectual elite, former governor of Minnesota - Jesse 'The Body' Ventura! In the other corner, in the metallic speedo, weighing in for George Bush, truth, justice, and the Austrian -er- American way, and against girlie-men, the current governor of California - Arnold 'The Terminator' Schwarzenegger! Let's get ready to rummmmmmmble!"

Welcome to democracy, WWF style.




I didn't win the contest but I did make runner-up status. Check out all the entries right here.

I stumbled across a contest today over at Coudal.com. The idea is simple. Use clips from the Nasa Flight Crash Simulation depaertment, add some music and voila, instant movie. This is a one day only contest tune in around lunch on friday to see the winning entries.

I present to you "Fear" by our own local faves Low.

Fear [5mb Quicktime]
Fear [12mb Quicktime]

duluth vs. thunder bay

hello duluthians! duluthites? duluthicans? duluthogists?


i am a thunder bayite. thunder bayian? thunder bayer?

and i am looking for some contact info or even better - email addresses.

i need to communicate with some local bands.

primarily, 'the undesirables'..

you see, they are desired..

by 'the way back' to play a show here in thunder bay sometime in the future.....

oh yes, and 'the dt's' as well...

we played a few shows in yer fine town with said bands and we have grown to love them...

now we want them here.

so, if any of you perfectduluthers have any info you could share, that would be super-A-plus-awesome.

thank you, neighbour!

kristian from the way, way back


Thoughts Inspired by Late Night TV (and not)

I respect lead singers much less if they cannot play an instrument.

I do not know what is going on with "punk music" these days. Is it just me? Seems more like whining than anything else.

Conan O'Brien is a great man. Do not debate this with me, you will lose.

There is something intrinsically amusing about compressed air in a can. Especially when you aim it at people and they run away because they think it is some evil chemical that will shrivel their testicles.

Phone sex with Bill O'Reilly has got to be the worst phone sex ever.

I try not to update unless I have a quality post to make, but man, I just ran out on this one. I'm sorry. Here's a silly picture to make up for it:

ps, Cheney's daughter is a lesbian.

sleep now

If you don't already know, Saturday is the big Slumber event at the MAC center - 8 pm Saturday, Oct 23 till 8 am Sunday, Oct 24.

16 bands on two stages: Alan Sparhawk (Low), Paul Metzger (TVBC), A Whisper in the Noise, Cloud Cult, if thousands, Sin Ropas, The Violettes (formerly "Jonas"), Fitzgerald, Hickson Compact Group, Future Lisa with Larry Ravenswood, Logan Erickson, Dirty Knobs, Cheer Up Poems, April Seconds, dARA, GST & Tim Kaiser. From 3 am - 8 am, a very quiet musical cooperative will ensue (you don't have to be a musician to join in, you just have to be quiet).

Projectionists, installations, artists and a live feed at some point from The Dirty Three (Australia), PLUS MORE!

And yes... hopefully there will be crafts.

Bring your pajamas, sleeping bags, pillows and popsicle sticks & leave your worries at the door.

more info at slumberduluth.com

Come on Down to Hawk Ridge

As many of you know, I've been volunteering at Hawk Ridge on weekends. I help out where ever I can. I sell merchandise, answer visitor questions, and transport/hold hawks for the naturalists. It's loads of fun. On a good day you can see thousands of hawks fly by. You can also see them up close when they are captured and banded at the banding station.

The migration season is from September through October and so is coming to an end. I just wanted to encourage any PDDers that haven't been to Hawk Ridge this year to come on down. I'll be volunteering on Sunday from 8am-1-2ish if not later. If it's nice, you will see some great birds, like this Dark Morph Rough Legged Hawk.

I have a bad feeling about this...

Happy birthday, Carrie. Don't overdose.

This is Oliver Kilgore Jones. He plays in a meandering rock/jazz style, experimenting with banging, stretching and caressing the guitar strings. He's good. In the background is Louise Sherman of Sherman Electric (I think they have a new name now). She and Kilgore can jam for hours.

This is at a little party/chill out/concert we have every September by the Stoney River near Isabella. Friends, beer, good food, wilderness and live electrimified music. Now that's for me.

And now that I know you interesting folks are in the neighborhood, I'll let you know about next year. It's a real good time...


Still Sux.

Thank goodness there's only a week and a half until the end of my sobriety!

Although it's gotten easier in the last week or two, I still miss drinking when I have a long day at work. For example - last night I didn't get home until almost 9; that's almost a 12-hour day for me. I could have really used a beer. Somehow tea just doesn't work as well.

Still, I have to admit that I've been getting a lot more stuff done around the house. I've been meaning to go through all those paper piles that accumulated over the summer, and in trying to stay busy I've done that. I've re-arranged and thrown out some furniture that was bugging me for some time. Also, I've been spending more time with my dog, walking him and whatnot, which is good for everyone!

Just a few more days! (Nine days, acutally, but who's counting!) I think I can actually make it!



Sorry to here Mr Lundgren has PinkEye. I was afflicted with this malady in my childhood. It was on a family road-trip when I was about 8 or 9 years old. We were travelling out west and the day after this picture was taken I awoke unable to open my eyes. I actually thought it was kind of cool. Like when you let Elmers glue dry on your skin and then peel it off.

Mr. Lundgren I wish you a speedy recovery. You GEEK.

I hrt you.


To Moscow... the hard way. Who says the age of adventure is over?

UFO-Related Art Wanted

For display at Area 61 UFO Convention, November 6th, Lakeview Castle. Ideally art should be freestanding although this parameter is flexible. Contact gonzoscience@hotmail.com and put ufo in the subject line somewhere (so you don't get accidentally deleted or anything).

Also, looking for an overhead projector if anyone has any ideas.

i could craft you in my sleep.

i heard a rumor that some people are going to bring some craft action to the big fancy public sleepover, and i wasn't just talking to myself.

Paul's out sick.

To Whom It May Concern:

The venerable Paul Lundgren has come down with a nasty case of Viral Conjunctivitis. Well all need him well again to entertain us, as for one, I am really bored at work lately. So, to help his recovery, let’s send him lots of get well wishes, jars of chicken soup, and reminders to drink plenty of fluids!

the coolest

c-freak is by far the coolest pdd poster.

i love that i get nervous around her.

i mean, i get nervous around everyone,
but with her it's special.


Pansy-ass, tea-sipping opinions

Continuing the spirit of all the politics on the blog recently, this ought to make you proud to be an American.

My favorite: "Please be advised that I have forwarded this to the CIA and FBI."

[via Space Waitress Gate A]

Get involved.

I just got a call from the Minnesota MoveOn office. They are having a teleconference tonight at 9pm and all Duluthians are invited to join in. Lindsay from MoveOn said they are understaffed in Duluth and are desperately looking for more bodies.

I hate getting involved as much as the next guy but I will join in tonight and here what they have to stay.

The 411

Call this number at 9pm | 712.824.4000

Enter this PIN number | 273987

You will be charged for the long distance call but it should only last between 15 and 30 minutes depending on how many questions folks have.

Also, don't forget about Cocktails with Charlotte VanVactor tonight at the NorShor from 5-7pm. Local politics are just as important as the national elections and Charlotte is pretty darn cool.

the secret revealed

Order Prints


Anyone got a Light?

Remember what happened a year ago?

Ca-chee and Nick sure remember. Here's to our good friend Scott. May his jaw never ache again.

Rhymes for the Times

Poetry tonite: open mic at 7 and a slam-a-lam-a-ding-dong at 8 at the NorShor; afterwards Live Animals (no word on Jack Hanna)! Poetry fans rejoice!! Heathen enemies of poetry cringe!!! Go see the poets and band, create havoc with your words then create heaven with yer body!!!! Use lots of exclamation points!!!!! It will make yer poetry the best!!!!!!

great read

i just finished up a book called, "the unthinkable thoughts of jacob green" and i finished it in under 24 hours. the story of a jewish kid from about 10 to 16. absolutely hillarious accounts of his insane dad, and the usual pubescent awkardness -- with a jewish twist. while i new nothing about jewish culture, the reading at times was hard. the story and characters were great though. the guy who wrote this book (joshua braff) is the brother of zach braff -- who if you dont konw is the guy who wrote and directed garden state (awesome movie)...

so yeah they have at barnes and noble -- you should give it a whirl


Anyone going to Kansas next week?

15 days

My prediction: popular vote - Kerry 49% Bush 47% Other 4%.

I have no idea how the Electoral College will go though. Kinda looks like it is down to Fla. again this year, whoever wins that wins the whole kilbassa (sp?) - again.

We've come a long way, baby!

"The Good Wife's Guide" comes from a 1955 issue of "Housekeeping Monthly." (Not sure who did the underlining and circling; I got this through e-mail.) Hard to believe this was less than 50 years ago...

Tony D.

the hip

it was packed in the quest, but between songs and quiet.
then a light, loping bass line and some acoustic strumming were struck up,
and gordon downie of the tragically hip sang,

"he said i'm fabulously rich
so come on let's go..."

a few hundred drunken canadians were singing every damn word.

"she kinda bit her lip
geez i don't know.
but i can guarantee...
(i can guaranteeeee)"

then the drums came in HARD, the bass registered in the collective chest of the club,
and those few hundred canadians were bouncing up and down in unison,
and i had tears in my eyes while watching it from above.

"there'll be no knock on the door," gord said with violence

"(i can guarantee)
i'm total pro
that's what I'm here for
i come from downtown
born ready for you
armed with
will and determination
and grace, too"


a broken toe he never fixed, a genetic predisposition, and daily doses of too much beer

brian has gout! look at his cute stripey-sock foot with no shoe on. that's the one that's all puffy and bruised. he is forced to snuggle into a million blankets on the couch and scratch his pain-pill itchies. i took this picture right before we went out saturday to the nickel-kervina wedding because i couldn't resist how cute he looked with a matching sock and scarf (and only one shoe one).

i don't really know what gout is. i guess brian has crystals in the joints in his right foot. they get loose and cut him up like tiny butchers. he has a list of foods to avoid because they'll make it worse (including asparagus, which he had been eating every day because he loves it) and foods he should eat. also on the no-no list are beans, lentils, spinach, peas, mushrooms, and i assume tofu since it's made from beans . . . so brian has to eat cheese. as a very wimpy vegan, i'm delighted. i mean, i don't have gout, but if he gets to eat cheese, so do i! i love gout.


Sustainable North Shore (and Hi)

Hi folks,

I've been watching this space for awhile and I'm impressed by everyone's creativity and heart. Anyway, I thought you'd like to know about a new website I've created in order to offer a central resource for saving / enhancing the things that make our region so damn special.

Take a look at Sustainable North Shore.

PDD is listed in Resources under "Art, Craft and Culture". I'd appreciate any comments or ideas about what I'm doing.

Thanks all! I think you rock...

Life, the Universe, and Everything

This evening I was appreciating the random beauty of google image searches and I typed in the number 42 to see what would happen. This is a composite of the images I got on the first page. Consider it an homage to the late, great Douglas Adams.
this is an audio post - click to play

Keepaways, Devil's Flying Machine & Steve Johnson tonight!

A lot going on in our fine city tonight. Here's another. Please pardon the lack of pics and hyperlinks.

Devil's Flying Machine (featuring Charlie Parr & Christian McShane)
Steve Johnson (of Sight Like December)

Tonight - Sat, Oct 16
Red Lion
9:30 pm

$1 beers and drink specials.

Come on down and get dirty.


2nd Wind Exercise Equipment

I really REALLY hate their advertising slogan. It makes no sense in the context they use it. "Why buy new when slightly used will do..." makes a lot of sense. It says "Don't buy new stuff, buy our used stuff, it works just as well." But as soon as they tack on "...except when the deals are this good," it means "Oh, except new stuff is cheaper so don't buy our used stuff."

Has anyone else noticed this? I doubt anyone is as annoyed as I am, because I'm an annoying pedant and a language Nazi, but now that I've let you all know I feel a little better.

KUWS saga

ZB, hope you don't mind my encroaching on your topic, just wanted to put your link as clickable so more people will hit it.

That said:

Here is ZB's link To page one of flat eric's story.

and here is the link I posted in the reply field to ZB's post, this is Page two and is the current state of affairs.

Seriously KUWS prob deserves to hear from us.

KUWS Radio
Belknap and Catlin
P.O. Box 2000
Superior, WI 54880

and this is most likely the Pat refered to.

KUWS + Local Music = YOU'RE FIRED!

KUWS is firing its DJs who want to keep the local scene alive.

Send hate mail here:

(715) 394 8530
and ask for Pat.

Read all about it here:

Fuck you Pat.


Dispatch From Alabama

By keeping me ear to the ground via the Chamber’s e-mail list, I was able to procure complimentary tickets to last night’s concert at the DECC arena. It was the country band Alabama’s Farewell American Tour 2003. Apparently, they’ve been saying “goodbye” for quite some time now.

I have to admit, though, that they did put on an alright show. I don’t even like country, but I started getting into it after a while last night. I think it would have helped if I had known more of their songs beyond, “Mountain Music.”

The show started out kinda slow, and it seemed like the guys weren’t even trying. But they picked up speed as the audience started picking up the frequency of their trips to the concessions stand.

Hi-lites of the show included several medleys, “jams,” and silly songs (the Chicken Dance and “Take Me out to the Ball Game”) that the band broke into on several occasions. One of those jams included an impressive moment when Randy, Teddy and Jeff as assumed a “group hug” position wherein they were all able to play each others guitars / bass. A tribune to Johnny Cash with a rendition of “Folsom Prison Blues” was also enjoyed.

Another personal favorite moment was when the band came back for their encore and started to perform the one song of theirs that I know, the aforementioned “Mountain Music.” This too soon evolved past the original song. After the first two versus of the song, the audience got treated to a drum solo and “dueling” drums and congas, followed by the first few bars of AC/DC’s “Back in Black,” followed a chase and mangling of the accordion/ist.

Cheezy parts included the numerous ballads performed during which lighters and cell phones were waved in the air, and the repeated utterance of our town and state's names which produced automatic cheers, whoops, hollers and applause from the lemmings’ sections.

All in all, not a BAD show, not a BAD experience, but all the same, I’m glad I didn’t pay.

You can read the DNT’s review here.

Sing it like you hate something.

Hate something... buh-bah...
Change something... buh-bah...