I think this is a pretty cool site, reminds me of Found Magazine in ways.



While looking at pictures of plastic movie extra dummies, I came upon a rather familiar face. Anyone else eerily haunted by his plastic expression of horror?

Caption These

Caption This - 20Caption This - 19Caption This - 18Caption This - 17Caption This - 16
Caption This - 15Caption This - 14Caption This - 13Caption This - 12Caption This - 11

More gems from the attic.


Becoming mainstream

What is the moto of the Geek? And th Geek shall inherit the WORLD???? I don't know if that is how it goes, but here it comes......



I want to ride my Bicycle.

For like 3 years now I have wanted to get one of these PediCabs and pedal the tourists around Downtown and C-Park. They are not that expensive and I think people would really dig it. Hell, those goofy bike rentals they had last year were everywhere. You can't tell me there aren't 4 times as more lazy folks who would rather be pedaled around instead of actually using there own muscles.

From my web research I found Main Street Pedicabs in Broomfield, Colorado. They seem to be the best of the bunch and the bike pictured above starts at $3400.00.

Would any of you PDD'ers want to go in on something like this. It would be good exercise and some pocket change to boot.

Let me know. Summer starts in about a month and a half.



PBS' independent lens series NOW is playing a documentary on The Ramones.(Watch now, 9 p.m. CDT,Channel 8, Duluth, MN)

An odd moment of newspaper goodness

Perhaps Bush is starting to soften his image?

I know I know the cultural differences, but found this slightly amusing. For such a anti-gay dipshit he should be more careful when the cameras are around...

Need Help!

I want to make this website into a vloging site but have no clue on how to do it. Is there anyone that can help me?



Balancing Act.

Here is some random footage from last weekends Free Democracy Summit. I also have the complete speech given by Jim Hightower. Does anyone have any interest in seeing that? It would be a fairly big download.

Balancing Act | 8.3mb Quicktime Movie

By the way. I have heard that some of you are unable to watch Quicktime movies. Well then you should go here and download yourself a player.

Just me causing HAVOK!!!

Well, since everyone likes controversy on the blog, I thought I would try and help out a bit............

Rush Limbaugh is KING of all talk radio and NPR is for all you liberal freaks............

John Kerry shot himself to get the Purple Heart.

From Bush to YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hire this guy for the next GEEK PROM!!! Or this guy.................

He should play at the next HomeGrown!!!!!!!

I want to kill babies, but Save the Whales. I want to support the trapping of baby seals so I can have more TUNA.......

Can I get an AMEN!!!!!!!! Can I be Muslim too?????????

Are Jews more important than Iraqi's? If not, why is the war in Iraq unjust. Because Bush sent us and not Clinton?

And why not kick the UN from within OUR borders. Those Bastards.

hehe......im srys 4 all da links in da post.......ROFLMAO

Saturday nite

Rock out, have fun, and support a free local publication!


Caption This

OK, so through a means I explained on my video blog, I acquired two garbage bags of photos that originally appeared in the Budgeteer News during the mid-90s and earlier. And let me tell you, every single one of them is a gem.

Naturally, my one thought was to fire up the scanner. Thank me very much.

I'll be posting a new batch of them weekly on my "Caption This" album on Flickr. I invite all of you to come play the captioning game, or at least check them out for a good guffaw. These are your friends and neighbors, folks. You may recognize them. And even if you don't, they're so, so awesome.


What happened to the comments links? Um... not that you can comment here to tell me.

I'm bored and I think we should play prank calls/voicemail/text message. I'll go first. 218.428.9152. Prank me, I'm bored.

Martian Dust Devil Movie

This just in from NASA: Video of martian dust devil. Apparently these little buggers are whipping across the martian landscape. They are also responsible for the cleaning of the probe droids solar panels.



media extravaganza

This may be my only video post, I threw it together from some footage from last year as an exercise.

Badlands video (20 mb .avi)

(and this Friday's podcast with guest, Paul Lundgren, 30 mb .mp3)

I forgot to take my blue pills today, so instead of working, I'll post a comic from the good ol' days, when the Comics Code Authority ruled and comics were apparently more wholesome.
(From Superman is a Dick)


Not to be confused with "FREE BIRD"

To kick off our fancy, new four page format, the Transistor will celebrate the best way we know how: FREE BEER for the masses from Lake Superior Brewing Company.

SATURDAY - April 23 - Pizza Luce - 9PM
Ol' Yeller \ Little Black Books \ Moons of Jupiter

TUESDAY - April 26 - NorShor Theatre - 9:30PM
Damage Inc. Boardshop Pre-Grand Opening Party
Keep Aways \ The Gaze \ Class of '86

Tall all your friends.

Peaches and thank you.


The new Red Star Lounge had a private party last night. They open officialy on Friday. Nice place. Drinks seem expensive but you get a bunch of excellent booze in 'em. Be careful.

Red Star | Quicktime 6.3mb


My favorite place so far

I walked out here the other evening. It was warm and sunny with light fog and as far as I could tell, I was the only one around. Does anyone know when those ore docks were built? Are they still used? What's the crumbling brick silo-thingy out here (not in picture)? Does anyone else think Duluth is one of the coolest places to look at in the world?

Cross Posting Whore.

yo, click on the pic




So, are bands getting paid for Homegrown this year, or not?

Theme Accomplished

Pig, Rat, Skunk, Squirrel, Squrotch, Crotch, Botch!


Free association blogging. I love it.


I sense a theme

Pig, Rat, Skunk, Squirrel, Squrotch (I love saying "squrotch")

I think I smell a rat....

So, last night I was driving along Michigan St downtown, and was talking about an interview on Fresh Air, I heard recently, by this fellow, Robert Sullivan, who had just spent a lot of time observing rats, and published a book called "Rats". When what should appear, but the first rat I have seen in Duluth. It was much bigger then this example, more like feline size.
Stuff like this happens to me all the time, I am no longer surprised by it.

Friday's podcast featured pdd co-founder Barrett Chase (30 mb - 1/2 hr - mp3)

am i a pig?

so, the building where i work is split into three pieces: upstairs, downstairs, and the shop (which is two-stories tall, i mean, open all the way up). both upstairs and downstairs have breakrooms, and boxes of goodies appear in each breakroom on a regular basis. this is usually a box or two of doughnuts brought in by someone we buy crap from or someone who works here. the vending machines are in the downstairs breakroom, and the downstairs breakroom is adjacent to the shop (the guys eat lunch in there and walk through it to get to the bathroom).

so my dilemma is, i used to work upstairs and take treats from the upstairs breakroom. i always got to pig out on as many doughnuts or cookies or banana bread as i wanted, because there aren't many people upstairs. sometimes i would envy a downstairs treat, when i'd go in there for pop or something, but i rarely took a treat from downstairs because i felt like they were for the guys in the shop even though the guys say they're for anyone.

now i work downstairs. today there are like, three boxes of treats. i want two items! okay, i already ate one while typing this (a chocolate chip muffin), and now i want to go back for that nutty brownie i saw in there. is that wrong?


Sharing the Gospel of Geek with the World!

Mwa ha ha ha ha!

According the the G4 Web site, Geek Prom highlights will air on Wednesday's edition of "Attack of the Show" at 6pm CST. Y'all can check it yourselves at www.g4tv.com .



hell ya.

yo, click on the pic.

speech without sound?

Non-acoustic sensors detect speech without sound

There are enough people here interested in sound and sound recording that I thought you might find this interesting.
Only drawback is it's a DARPA project.

Geek Prom Photos

Last night was a blast! My Geek Prom photos can be found here.
Also: does anyone want a free month at Rie-Do Martial Arts? I have two months for free that I'll probably never use. Just let me know by posting a comment.


take two

Podcast deux in in.
Rss link: http://perfectduluthday.com/edgeways.rss

Those who use a feedlink, can you tell me if it worked automatically as it is suppose to? (still trying to iron out the bugs)

And those that may want a direct mp3 link . Again, about 1/2 hr show.

May I introduce! My date for Geek Prom 2006

Well good thing I can't make it to geek-prom this year. They still are working on my girlfriend. Here you can get a glimpse of her:
Just have to get my hands on a ASIMO now and need to teach her better soccer skills.

Funny Geek Prom Story

An amusing Geek Prom-related story just in time for Geek Prom.

I went to Geek Prom 2003 dressed as Laura Croft (from the Tomb Raider game). I had a lot of costume elements and had the whole "Laura Croft" look down (albeit, the look of a fat, drunk Laura Croft who kept spilling her drinks, but Laura Croft nonetheless). It was a very fun evening.

Several weeks later, I had an interview for a web developer job. I had psyched myself up, and had my aura of "interview cool" on. When the interviewer came out to meet me, he cocked his head at an angle, looked at me, then asked "... Laura Croft?".

My "interview cool" was gone. He caught me so off guard that I stammered the way through the interview (and desperately tried to remember if I had done anything obnoxious to him at Geek Prom).

Needless to say, I did not get the job as a fat, drunk web developer. ;)

(Sorry about the gratuitous pussy shot)


CO Bound

Any PDDers living in CO? I'll be working in Vail this June and July at the Vail Valley Music Festival. Probably going to spend the first week of June in Denver.

Itinerary: Prtofessor's Birthday Bender

Quinlan's: 9-11
Norshor: 11-1
Gifts of drink accepted.


Geek Off-To The Great White North.

Geek Prom Promo 1 | 10mb Quicktime Movie


Update - Here is the direct link to the 1/2 hr mp3... edgeways.mp3.
Today or tomorrow I'll post a link to a brief RSS primer for those who may still be in the dark (what, perhaps 2 of you?).

OK... I think.

here is the first podcast address, for those of you who have the capabilities.


It is a 1/2 hr program. The full hour program just hated being loaded so I scaled it back. I will try to do 2 a week. It is starting with just a simple music/event format, and as I get more comfortable I hope to include some brief interviews and perhaps snips of local live music. If you have suggestion let me know.
If it doesn't work let me know. If I was a religious being I would offer up a prayer... as it is I will just wait.

I'm not sure how to promote this, so you may hear about it off and on for a few weeks until that is sorted out. Sorry in advance

Bemidji Vlog

What we did on our big trip to Bemidji.

The Gonzo Gong Show

Did I mention that there is an open talent competition at Geek Prom? Get your act ready!


Random weekend stuff

Friday I tooled around on the dirt roads near Holyoke and Askov, found some nice photos.

Then I came back and learned how to make podcasts, time consuming yet fun. But I have no place to really host ‘em so it may be a dead project.

Saturday, went and saw a few movies (can’t remember the last time I went to a movie). Saw Sin City, and Robots. (btw, the new theater complex in Canal Park is easy to skip from movie to movie in). I like Film Noir type movies but still had plenty of trepidation as I heard it is pretty violent. It is VERY violent, and based on a comic book. Generally I dislike shoot ‘em up/violent movies and find comic to film translations to be tedious and played out. I guess part of what I am saying is my film dislike quotient is very high. But, you know I liked Sin City, it defiantly is a “big screen” experience. If you are going to see it, see it while it is out. The feel/mood/effects of this movie is well realized. The plot, eh, could be better, but is slightly above average, and considering it IS from a comic book you can only expect so much. I was pleasantly surprised. Robots was disappointing, it looked good, but I didn’t care for it. Reminded me of Antz for some reason.

I found a place that (most likely) will sell my photographs, so that is encouraging. And…

Went to see the Keepaways, loud and boisterous and fun. And it is always great entertainment watching moshers.

bloody mary!

click on the pic!


Ice Blow Out on North Shore

      So I was up the shore at a rather small river on thursday when I heard a rumbling, booming behind me. I turned to see that the water level raised considerably and instantly and tons of huge slabs of ice came exploding down the river and out into the lake. I guess this happens every year in the spring when there is enough of a melt. Ice dams are formed up stream in any river or creek and could be miles away, with water building behind it until it finally bursts and it can have quite a forceful effect. One person I was talking to said he had been at the French river one time some years ago when this happened and claimed there was a 20 foot wall of water. Had to run to get out of the way. Amazing.

      Here is the ice flowing out into the lake after it all came smashing down the river, now just a big slushy: