Ghost Maria.

on the road again

This is my nephew. He has another brother who will be born this winter so that makes him a big bro like me.

This is a picture of me that he drew at Thanksgiving, a good likeness if you ask me.

Now I am packing for my mini Low tour out to New York and back. It is always hard to leave home but touring gives me the opportunity to do things I don't when at home like write post cards and read. So I'm off, come see Low if you can. Peace.



When I was growing up my old man used to say the waves on Lake Superior could get pretty big. There was no reason to believe him.

Stranded on Prom Night

So I went to the Turf Club tonight where I was supposed to meet Kari and some other friends. I had created a special outfit for the night that was designed especailly to please Kari. Earlier today, while shopping at Savers, I purchased an extraordinary sweatshirt. It is black and covered with elephants skateboarding on peanut-shaped skateboards. With a little help from my sister's scissors I made the sweatshirt into a tanktop with matching legwarmers. I knew Kari would apperciate my ridiculous ensemble and was very excited to show it off to her when we met up at the bar. Unfortunately after waiting an hour and a half past our scheduled meeting time, Kari had still not arrived. Luckily I knew a few of the bartenders and was able to get a some free drinks to make my trip to St. Paul worthwhile. I still have not figured out what happened to Kari as I sit here typing in my ingenius, yet underapprecaited outfit. I pray to god that her failure to appear had nothing to do with malicious rodents. I also wonder, do my experiences tonight brand me officailly as a geek? If so, how can I learn to accept impaired my social status?


sweet sounds

yep, it's back!!! HCIS radio is online.


It's run by 10th grader Megan Spitzley. Shes the big cheese!! send her CDs and permission to play them on the school station (I'd hate the RIAA to come after her...but she'd prolly kick their @$#@$).

Harbor City International School
HCIS Radio attn:Megan
332 w. Mich St. #300
Duluth, MN 55802

she like schwag too so send posters or stickers

Then listen faithfully at work or home. Soon we'll have a benefit concert at the school and would love to have you play there.

the youth will help us to rock on!

i'm in heaven. and it is right near hell.

i have made my way into the Mall of America. I know, I swore I wouldn't but the allure of the Mac store was too great. I am leaving now 20 dollars down, I hope I can find the car.

More Rodents

This morning I awoke from a restful night spent on the couch in Kari's basement. I went to use the bathroom down there and discovered upon lifting the toilet seat, that I was not alone. A little rat had tried to go for a swim in the toilet and ran into some difficulties. "Are you alright little buddy??" I shouted but got no response. Kari and I took turns giving CPR for the next hour but were unable to revive our little friend. Do you think my rodential dream from a few weeks ago could have been a preminition of this morning's sad events? I just wish I knew when these rodents will stop interrupting my life so I can be at peace again.


Top Thanksgiving Moments...With the 'rents

1. Drinking eggnog before noon (watered down with a little brandy, of course).

2. Marathon games of Cribbage, Scrabble, and Trial Pursuit.

3. Drinking homemade wine and beer (another all day event).

4. Gorging myself silly on UN-turkey with a fake yet realistic crispy tofu skin (gravy and stuffing included) and following the meal up with a 1.5 hour nap.

5. Ending the night with a little pumpkin pie (never mind the lard crust).

my little thanksgiving.

this is what's happening at L-dawg's and Tony D's... come join us for a drinky- drinky.

A very Lumpy Thanksgiving.

lumpy, my dear mother, margo the veterinarian and myself have just finished a lovely dinner. i am hoping no indians will be killed on this thanksgiving. (LumpyG Here: I love being on farms. Big animals are so amazing to be around and it's been way to long.) there are no more goats on the farm, alas. anyway all of you should eat till you puke and don't forget to shop for 16 hours tomorrow while wearing your american flag underwear. hope to see some of you at the dierkins residence later.

happy turkey day from lil c-freak circa 11/?/63

thanksfuckin' givin

Well here I am in Mpls. probably irritating my family members by spending 'family time' blogging. On my way here last night I drove past that god forsaken Holiday Inn and shuddered. Lets hope this trip to mpls goes more smoothly. I miss bowling night already.

i made it.

I hit snow outside of Minneapolis then it stopped but it was slick as hell. I made it anyway and then I played the new "Iron Country" for my folks. I think DadFire liked the "White Iron Band" more than Fat Hen but thats OK. Now we need to get to bed. I have an appt with a turkey at 6AM.

gobble gobble.


Good ol' Bemidji

Hey all, i'm here in the land of Paul and Babe for Thanksgivin'. After a 3.5 hour arduous drive in the dark, I have arrived. And what am i doing? Blogging on PDD. Sheesh. I just wanted to wish all of you bloggers out there a Happy Thanksgiving. I'll be seeing ya soon. Oh, Barrett and Scott, you are both gonna have to give me some lessons in html. But i'm trying.

Gobble Gobble.

I am packed, I borrowed a car and my errands are run. Now I am off to the land of my birth, Austin, MN. Yes that Austin, can you say SPAM? When I was growing up you could smell the plant for miles on hog-kill days or maybe that was the Spam cooking.

I am very excited to get home because I love Thanksgiving and I have been out of the country for the last couple. 2 years ago I was in England with Low and I managed to get a pizza with stuffing on it. Quite good actually.

Well have a good time folks and don't drink too much. Vomiting Thanksgiving dinner can be kinda nasty.

safe travels.

More Sacred Heart

A little more shameless self promotion...

WDSE's Venture North program will run a feature on the Sacred Heart Music Center, including the recording studio, on Thursday night at 7pm and again on Sunday at 10 AM on channel 8.

Turkey tipple

er, I thought about just putting this as a comment, but decided that it must be shared with all . Go here for the news story.

forget the bassomatic, I scoff at mere blender concocted liquids... If it wasn't for the markup I'd say this is what we bloggers should present Starfire with for the ole tryptophan gorge day.
May none of you receive food poisoning this holiday.

sometimes i feel like this.


Tha Lumpy G Rap

This rap about Lumpy G came to me one day entirely unbidden. I thought I'd share it. Private to Lumpy G: I'm sorry. Respect.

"Well my name is Lumpy G and I'm tha big dipper
You think my hips are lumpy but I'm only getting hipper."

Uh, anyone want to help finish this?


Slim Goodbuzz ... Engaged?

She's hot. She's motivated. And her taste in men is impeccable. She's Jenna Ross, president of the Society of Professional Journalists. I say Slim should go for it.

This is a perfect day...FOR ME TO POOP ON!

My personal mentor Triumph "The insult comic dog" just gave the finest interview that Terri Gross has ever been part of.


The Cheat

Because they missed it...

And that is that.

It's 9AM where is Jacko?

I missed it again.


New Stuff!!!

Approach & AttackIntroducting ... the latest of many new features of Perfect Duluth Day: Featured Artist. Scroll down and download Amy Abts' beautiful single, "Approach & Attack." Then go out and buy her album.


Art therapy.

One aweful conversation with a loved one, another more subtle but equally horrific conversation with another; some satisfying diatribe written after, and I am filled with satisfaction. I guess that's the entire reason why I write. To comfort myself, oh and all that public adulation too. Is art made mostly for the artist, I mostly think so.

I'm Ready for Geek Prom 2004!!!!

When's the committee going to start getting the geek going?

I am so on the bandwagon...

At noon...

What Starfire wants,
Starfire gets.

Starfire help us all.

... and that was what Starfire wanted.

That's enough of that.

I can't wait to get home and Blog this.

One of my favorite bands ever is the "Danielson Familie." They are so cool that Matt Groening invited them to play at "All Tommorows Parties-L.A." Well any ways, Fluevog shoes made them their very only shoes, limited edition style. I passed up my chance to buy a pair 2 times because I thought they were 2 expensive, then on a Low tour Al and Mimi found them on-sale in Vancouver for 40 bucks Canadian, which is like 10 cents American.

Well tonight I decided to wear them to the Starfire Lounge. Alan wore his Fluevogs (basic black) and we traded for a while. The True Pale boyz were there and Lindquist was playing the most righteous tunez. All in all a stellar evening.


Gracias, muthafukkas

I would like to personally thank the staff of Fitger's Brewhouse for not only hanging on to the camera I left there last Thursday, but for putting it to good use.

Give a little, get a lot.

There are several stages you go through as a superstar of stage, screen and sidewalk when your adoring fans create a poll tallying the acts they would chose to perform on your sexy, sexy body.

At first you are delighted by the attention. "Oh my! four people would like to administer a Dirty Sanchez to the Cheat's gorgeous upper lip." Then there is the bitter disappointment, "Nobody wants to give the Cheat a golden shower." This evolves into frustration, "How is a gorgeous woman going to give the Cheat a pearl necklace?!?!" And then finally you are left with nothing to do but give high fives to all the party people and go home and shower.

I hope the good polling people are going to take the time to lie to the Little Pirate and make up all sorts of G rated discriptions for things like "The Rusty Trombone." Why is it always up to the Cheat to protect the childrens? (Any folks chiming in with Michael Jackson related responses will have their Adult Check passes hacked and their home PC's littered with questionable material.)

I just saw a deer get hit.

deerOK, so I'm walking down my block toward Super One and BAM! this deer gets hit on I-35 like 50 feet in front of me. The car was OK, and kept driving without swerving or panicking. Then two other deer come running at me and bounce their way down Bristol Street.

Being a die-hard blogger, I would have scaled the fence and gone up to take a picture of the deer, but I drunkenly left my camera at a bar and have yet to pick it up from their lost and found. I'm sure the deer will be gone by the time I get it back.

Unfortunately, I am not one of those meat-freezer roadkill people either.



Since I have been without car for a while now I have been walking much more than usual. Besides the exercise I really like finding lost notes on the ground. It is a habit I picked up after discovering "Found Magazine."

Well Sunday I found the best note ever. I actually walked by about 10 steps then turned around and went back. It was a foggy day and I was on my way to the Save the Norshor meeting. The note seemed so perfect. Maybe a message from beyond.

Now today I read an article about the "Zero Point Field" and can't help but wonder if I sent myself the note.

So, I won a turkey.

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the picturesque village of Cotton... twice... in the same week... at night. The vangaurd visit exposed me to the munificence of Wild Angels. Bad-ass Cotton fun.

The second visit was a little less "Twin Cities" than the first. I played bingo and won an 11 lb. turkey. For the first time in my life, I have a turkey to call my own. I've read enough Russel Baker and Jean Sheperd to know that this is some kind of milestone.

This Christmas, the Bumpusses get theirs.


monday, monday, monday

i am sooooooooooooo bored at work i may start crying soon. first person to come in and visit me at sara's table, chester creek cafe, taran's marketplace (What the fuck ever), and tells me a joke will win a free latte and a cookie.

wow-this sounds desperate, but please somebody come say hey.

Little Pirate

With a mouth full of candy treasure...
Soon to be the youngest blogger.

Tony Blair turns to the Dark Side

British Prime Minister Tony Blair has admitted he is a fan of The Darkness.

Just wait until he finds out about Gil Mantera's Party Dream.

Check out the Party boys in all their stage-humping, girls' bikini-bottom wearing...glory.

perfect holiday warm up

OK...ok...thought I'd finally chime in here again. It's been awhile. Been to busy making a blogging engine for the kids at Harbor City School. Actually been doing a bunch there like this. So here's your chance to help HCIS and come and visit and enjoy mostly warm fresh KRISPIE KREME!!! Yes where havin' a school bake sale...only we aint doing the baking, someone at 3 in the morning is and then we're haul a$$ing them up as quick as we can ( avioding deer ) to you.


  • Order/Pre-pay by Dec 2nd by calling 879-3592(marie) or any friendly HCIS Staff(baci) or student.
  • Sweet warm glazed units arrive on morning of friday dec 5th @ HCIS by 7:30a
  • Stay at HCIS and have breaky and coffee with us
  • All $$ goes to HCIS Student activity fund

Marie will keep her van warm the whole way...but I have to admit I COULD NOT make it the whole trip in a van smelling odf that glazed goodness.


Stare with your ears

All the recent talk of comps goaded me into recording one today, for no particular reason mind you..

  1. Brazil Soundtrak - Information Retrieval
  2. Michael Franti - Bomb The World
  3. Laurie Anderson - Washington Street
  4. Bjork - Tondeleyo
  5. Joe Strummer - Coma Girl
  6. David Byrne - Good and Evil
  7. PJ Harvey - Down By the Water
  8. Celso Pinia - Cumbia sobre el rio
  9. Patti Smith - Don’t Say Nothing
  10. Astor Piazzolla - Tanguedia III
  11. Rickie Lee Jones - Howard
  12. Burning Sensations - Pablo Picasso
  13. R.L. Burnside - Let My Baby Ride
  14. Morphine - Sharks
  15. Peter Gabriel - Sky Blue
  16. They Might Be Giants - Lie Still Little Bottle
  17. St. Germain - Rose Rouge
  18. Talking Heads - Road to Nowhere
  19. Edwin Starr - War

Home Entertainment

I treasure my Saturday nights with the little pirate. Our kickback night centers around a staple program of my youth, "The Wonderful World of Disney", which formerly was on Sundays. The WWD program is hit or miss. Last evenings' was a miss, but as hockey has bumped it for the last two weeks. lp insisted that we watch the fare; a new Mary-Kate and Ashley movie entitled "The Challenge."
Plot: They're estranged twins selected as participants on a Survivor-like reality show.

But Entertainment truly is what you make of it, and little pirate never disappoints.

We began the evening by making chocolate-chip cookies. While they were baking, lp demonstrates the process of dough being baked into cookie perfection by scrunching himself into a ball on the kitchen floor, then slowly stretching out until he's spread eagle & face down. With head turned towards me he says"When they're done they should look like this, but the chocolate will be gooey."

"The Challenge" predictably takes place on an island, but to lp's horror lacks a pirate. So he decides it's necessary to wear his pirate costume and periodically point his plastic sword at the twins demanding they "walk the plank." And they do, across a pit full of snakes to the accompanying music of lp's toy guitar.

As fun as it was, I'm hopeful that the Olsen twins won't be entering our home again.

When asked if he enjoyed the movie, lp replied "Treasure Planet is way, way, way, way better!!"


More Rodent Dreams?

Zoey, it's weird that you mention a rodent dream. I think it was 2 nights ago that i had a very similar experience. It all started at the movie theater. A large group of us had decided to see a movie. Well, half way through the reel broke. We waited and waited for them to set up a new one. However, the manager came and made the announcement that we would not be able to see the rest of the movie. They were giving refunds at the back of the movie theater as you left. Dissapointed, I walked to the back of the theater. Some worker handed me a check. I peered at the check and was surprised to find it written for a mere 2 dollars. I approached the worker to ask why when a second worker thrusted something else at me-- a sickly looking ferret! I was like "what the-" and then i looked around me. Everyone had a ferret! Someone explained to me that it was part of the refund. $2+a ferret. My ferret was mean... it bit me and ran away. I looked for it in the theater for awhile but in the end gave up.


Nocturnal Rodent Dreams

Last night I had a frightful dream involving an imaginary rodent. It took place at Adeline's apartment. I went to use the bathroom and was startled to see a curious creature perched on the hamper. It looked like a cross between a mole and a hedgehog. This strange rodent was both adorable and terrifying. When I had finished in the bathroom I was not sure if I should alert Adeline of the presence of the mysterious hedgehog-mole. I decided to casually mention it to her. Much to my suprise Adeline immediately jumped up and exclaimed, "Not another one!" She then grabbed a pencil and ran into the bathroom. Much to my horror she proceded to stab the strange rodent to death with the pencil. Adeline then disposed of its mutilated carcass haphazardly in the bathroom garbage. I felt sick to my stomach and knew I could never use the bathroom there again.

Thanks Chuck.

What: Happy hour. With music from my iPod.
Where: Pizza Luce
When: Today from 4-7PM.
Why: I don't know.
Who: You should be there.

In deference...

We certainly reaped the benefits of a doomed school:

- 2 High School Band Uniforms.
- A paper cutter.
- Bomb-proof first aid kits.
- Safety goggles.
- A big flag.
- Lungs full of asbestos.

There was also a room full of overhead projectors - 10 bucks.

The time for beer is NOW!

Yeah... that's quality.

Damn straight!


Parent Purple's Fashion Guide to the Emergency Room

Well, actually urgent care-- the "almost an emergency" room.

I had one of those nonperfect Duluth days recently, which upon retrospect just pisses me off more.

Primary lesson learned: Choose attire wisely
Perhaps it was my worn jeans, turtleneck, and old Joy Division T-shirt (circa 1988) that permitted the Doc to treat me like an ignorant mama.

If I had chosen the Suburbs tee, maybe I would have been treated with respect.

If I donned a wedding ring, maybe I wouldn't be asked questions like "Besides daycare, is your son around a lot of different people, like in your home?"

When Doc's face rendered disgust upon reading boy patients' "I Love My Feminist Mama" sweatshirt, I knew the Dr./ Parent of Patient relationship would not improve.

Art Opening tonight.

Lizzards Gallery is having a group opening tonight from 5:30-7:30. They are located at 38 E. Superior St. in good ol Duluth, MN. My friend Jeff and his friend Deanna recently purchased Lizzards and this is their first big opening. Oh yes there will be free booze and food too.

PDD Poll Results

OK, now, who did you really vote for?

Bergson [11 votes, 28.95%]
Bell [2 votes, 5.26%]
Gilbert [11 votes, 28.95%]
Elroy Jetson [3 votes, 7.89%]
Godsey [11 votes, 28.95%]

see...i warned you


Feels like the first time.

I had my weekly Oral Surgeon appt. today and much to my surprise I get to open my moth a little bit everyday. I took off my rubber bands and opened my mouth for the first time at work this afternoon and it was like someone elses mouth. It actually hurts to open it more than 1/4". But slowly I am working up to brushing my teeth. It hurts so good.

Help Me.

I have occasional Insomnia. As of right now I have not slept at all for the past two nights. I am open to any advice/cures that anyone may know of. I'm going crazy.



The picture of the Professor scares me. Make it go away.

Moby is cooler than Michael.

On Apple's Music Store they have celebrity musicians pick 20 of their favorite songs in Mix-tape fashion and then they sell them singly or as a whole bundle. I present to you 2 bald superstars and their picks. Personally I like Moby's setlist much more. What do you think?

Helpless - Neil Young
Transmission - Joy Division
Unfinished Sympathy - Massive Attack
First It Giveth - Queens of the Stone Age
Do You Realize? - The Flaming Lips
I Feel Love - Donna Summer
L.A. Woman - The Doors
Slip Away - David Bowie
Questions in a World of Blue - Julee Cruise
Fade to Grey - Visage
All We Ever Wanted Was Everything -Bauhaus
(White Man) in Hammersmith Palais - The Clash
Girl U Want - Devo
All My Colours - Echo & The Bunnymen
Blue Light - Mazzy Star
Common People - Pulp Hits
Death Valley '69 - Sonic Youth
Rabbit in Your Headlights - U.N.K.L.E.
Heroin - Lou Reed & The Velvet Underground 1969 - Velvet Underground Live With Lou Reed, Vol.1
Los Angeles - X

Beautiful Day (Live From Boston) - U2
Thank U - Alanis Morissette
Violet - Hole
100% - Sonic Youth
Who We Be - DMX
Move Your Feet - Junior Senior
Ashes to Ashes - David Bowie
Je T'Aime ... Moi Non Plus - Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin
Love Hurts (Single) - Nazareth
Like a Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan
1959 - Patti Smith
I Am...I Said - Neil Diamond
The Man Who Sold The World (Live) - Nirvana
Mississippi Goddam - Nina Simone
Whispering Grass (Don't Tell The Trees) - The Ink Spots
I Will Always Love You - Dolly Parton
Teeth - Kristin Hersh
Excuse Me Mr. - Ben Harper
That's the Way I've Always Heard It Should Be - Carly Simon
Cry Me a River - Justin Timberlake
Video Killed the Radio Star (Single Version) - The Buggles
Landslide - Fleetwood Mac
Winter - Tori Amos
Everything I Own - Bread
Sweetest Thing (The Single Mix) - U2
Family Affair - Mary J. Blige
Bennie and the Jets - Elton John
All the Things She Said - t.A.T.u.
Emerge (DFA Remix) - Fischerspooner
Big Time Sensuality (The Fluke Minimix) - Bjork
Breathe and Stop - Q-Tip

This post is not about how to use a highlighter.

I thought it was important for you all to know about this. I am too lazy to type any html so I do not know if my link will turn all fancy and blue and clickable. I am a moron. But I posted, so I will not be toasted today.

This post is about how to use a highlighter.

For those of you who are engaged in highlighting similiarities between comparitive and competing texts, I have these words of advice:

1. When using the highlighter marker, go down the page. This will prevent your wrist and arm from getting all highlightered up. I look like I smacked Ronald McDonald in the ear, and I look like this because I started at the bottom of the page and dragged my arm up... right over all of that delicious, wet, pink and yellow ink.

2. When it seems that one whole page mirrors another, there's no need to highlight every line... just make big, neon brackets and leave a clever note, like: "I've read this twice. Call Perry Mason." Unfortunately, since I started out highlighting every line, I've decided to carry this motif through all documentation. Sure, it looks pretty - and it's consitent. But I can feel the ink coursing through my veins - and there is no recreational benefit.

Barrett is buying something

Howdy from Best Buy. Barrett is buying a new puter.

Merci. Gracias. Grazie. Danke Schon.

So it has been a few days now since "JawAid" and I just wanted to say thank you. Thanks to Amy Abts and Jay, Haley Bonar, Low and Trampled by Turtles. Thanks to Eric Swanson for recording the night and lining up the PA. Thanks to Trent and Brandon from Sound Central for providing the PA free of charge. Thanks to Tom Fabchance for being a great sound guy. Thanks to Simon Gray for the light show. Thanks to Tony Dierkins for designing the poster. Thanks to Dana and Sharon for making the T-Shirts and being the greatest bosses a guy could ever want. Thanks to everyone that came to the show. Thanks to the Sacred Heart Music Center for the space. And finally, thank you Duluth, MN. for being the greatest city in the world.

I am over the hump now, less than 3 weeks to go and everything seems to be healing real well.

I am so modern.

As I type these words I am completing my first purchase of an album online. No I am not ordering one, I am actually downloading the record from the Apple Music Store. It reminds me of my other first purchases.

1rst LP. Shaun Cassidy-Da Do Run Run, purchased at Younkers in Austin, MN. I think it cost $2.99 and yes I still own it.

1rst CD. Talking Heads-True Stories, purchased in Dinkytown during my freshman year at the UofM. I spose it cost $9.00 or so and yes I still own it.

Todays purchase. Junior Senior. D-D-Don't Don't Stop the Beat. I don't think I am going to be buying much music this way but I had to try it.


Like whipping a dead horse while banging out one note on a drum... slowly.

If you love Thursdays at the Brewhouse, you should give Mondays a try. Not being satisfied with the typical rig-a-marole, bru-ha-ha, and various/non-specific ne'er do-welling, DJ Andy Bad-Way (and me, Kid "Bad Idea") will be slathering on thick stacks of proverbial wax on Monday.

C'mon! Monday! The day people want to stay out late and drink. I promise that "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" will get played... hell, I'll even get weepy.

CMJ Fundraising Event

Hi Bloggers!

Here's an event for a good cause:
Lake Superior Writers is having a "Writers Speak Out" event today to raise money for the CMJ Memorial. There will be readings by Ellie Schoenfeld, Heidi Bakk-Hansen, Barton Sutter; dance by Project Lulu; music by Althea McBurrows; and remarks by representatives from area sponsoring organizations. Refreshments are provided and an open reading follows the program.

DATE: Sunday, November 9, 2003
TIME: 1 -4 p.m.
LOCATION: Beginning with tours at the memorial site (2nd ave east & 1st St.)Readings will be at the Encounter YFC Building (Old Shriners) 201 E. First Street

COST: $10 per individual, $20 per family


it was warm in the land of huns...

but i decided not to swim after all.

Night of the Blawggers

help!It sure was fun hanging out with these people on Friday night/Saturday morning. I felt like we all hit it off pretty good--when we talked, it didn't even feel all post-y and comment-y. It was totally like real life.

But seriously, we must further discuss this convention idea. A huge room filled with hoodie-wearing digital camera freaks is just too sweet to procrastinate about.


jaws wide shut

let him speak once again, to hear his voice proclaim songs unsung. we all love you fireystar! i hope tonight your pumpkin turns into a carriage and you lose your glass slipper and meet a handsome.......

Wanted: Cheap-ass guitar

I need a guitar so I can learn three chords and start a band. But I am stone-cold broke. Any of you Duluth rockers got a beat up old guitar in your closet you were going to throw away anyway? Or I could maybe give ya ten bucks... in a couple weeks ... maybe more in a couple months ... long story ... will rock for food.

For the benefit of DJ Drink-though-a-Strawfire...

I gave you Richard Kiel - DJ.

Then, another half-assed MSPaint re-enactment.

Now, still life.


Crashing Through.

Looks like benefit concerts are all the rage this fall. Calvin Johnson of Beat Happening fame and his band mates from Dub Narcotic Sound System were involved in a car crash back in October and there are numerous benefit concerts scheduled all over the country. There is a show tonight in Winona if you happen to be there and then again on November 20th at the 7th Street Entry. I think I would like to go to that show and prove that I can get in and out of Mpls without a jaw fracture.

i love the loser!!!

i stumbled on this great column a few weeks ago in the public commentary to hipster bingo, it's called "The Life as a Loser". i've found myself severly addicted to this guy's wrtiting. if you do check it out start with the first column, it's hilarious, fucked up and sad all at the same time.

i love you will leitch.

Where do you get your information

I check this site every day to help filter out the lies and manipulations of the current media oligarchy
I just finished Lies and the Lying Liars who Tell them and am in the middle of Dude, Where's My Country? I know I'm preaching to the choir but, can I get an amen?


Slim stole this.Someone should produce an album called "Duluth Does Karaoke" in which local rawk and/or roll musicians belt out the standards, live at the Alpine.

Let's see, Starfire could do his karaoke signature, "Rhinestone Cowboy," but what else? I'd love to hear Cougar Conley sing Alanis Morrisette's "You Oughta Know."

You know 'em... You love 'em...

Throughout history, there have been images - icons, if you prefer - that have filled the night sky. Dr. Thunder. Sherman. Andy (c'mon... we all know Andy). Et cetera.

Tonight - on the basis of an off-handed suggestion - this confluence of uber-power will descend on the Brewhouse and make you wish you'd stayed at home. Bringing back the incongruousness of Monday's yore, I am pleased to present: Dr. Thunder, Sherman, Andy, and me.

Parenthetically speaking: (There is no concrete evidence that we will be "spinning" at Starfire Lounge tonight. However, since the last time we annoyed the public-at-large [I think it was a Monday...], we've been led to believe that we will be "making-the-musical-rocket-go" tonight - or maybe next Monday. Either way, it's really Andy's baby [... and who doesn't know Andy] and the rest of us are just hanging on and hoping for the best. Don't let this prevent any prevailing power from intervening with, "Nope... nope... we'll be spinning tonight," and bringing much of this to a halt. It's not that amongst the four of us we have 20 years of college-radio expeirence - it's more we tend to not know what's happening. More often than not, we're just happy to be there. Sort of like Guam.)

In conclusion: man, am I drunk.