Anniversary Surprises Pt. 3: Working Blue

Our second subdomain brings us one Mr. Mark Lindquist, writer, rawker, and proprietor of Shaky Ray Records.

Check it out at http://workingblue.perfectduluthday.com

Our Babies all growns up.

One year ago today.

Oh. If PDD goes down for a day or two it is my fault. I only renewed our domain name yesterday not knowing it can take several days to process. I thought we lived in the digital age.

See you tonight at the Saiboat Park. I think we will be showing "The Big Lebowski" complete with Caucasians (White Russians for those who have not seen the movie.)


John Kerry is Coming to Minnesota

John Kerry is returning to Minnesota this Friday, July 2nd, for an exciting speech and announcement as part of his 3-day "Spirit of America" bus tour.

Please join Senator Mark Dayton and Congressman Jim Oberstar in welcoming John Kerry to Minnesota. Bring your friends and family, and celebrate the Fourth of July with the next president of the United States. The speech will take place in downtown Cloquet on Avenue C, just 20 minutes from Duluth and 2 hours from the Twin Cities.

This is a ticketed event. To get your complimentary tickets please click here:


A large crowd is expected, so plan to arrive early. Don't forget to bring your ticket(s) to the event.

Friday, July 2nd
Gates open at 10:00 a.m.

Downtown Cloquet at Broadway and Avenue C
Just 20 minutes from Duluth and 2 hours from the Twin Cities.

Tickets are required for this event. To print your complimentary tickets, please visit:


Due to security, no bags, umbrellas, or outside signs will be allowed. Please limit personal items. This event will take place RAIN OR SHINE.

Because it's the centennial anniversary weekend for Cloquet, there will be shuttle buses running throughout the city. Shuttles will go to each parking lot two times an hour. Handicapped buses will be available on an on-call basis. The pickup locations are as listed and the shuttle stop location for the event is #3 Fauley Park.

Places to park and pick up the shuttle:

* Cloquet High School, 1000 18th Street
* Our Savior/Grace Baptist Church, 12th & Doddridge
* City Lot (behind Nelson's Funeral Care), 10th & Cloquet Avenue
* Southgate Bowl, 203 Doddridge Avenue
* Pine Tree Plaza (behind Super One), 707 Highway 33 South
* CARC (Pine Valley Hockey Arena), 1102 Olympic Drive
* Black Bear Hotel, 1789 Highway 210
* Amoco Truck Stop (Royal Pines/Americinn Carlton)
* Zion Lutheran Church, 1000 Washington Avenue
* Gospel Tabernacle, 1400 Washington Avenue
* Churchill Elementary, 515 Granite Street

See you there and happy Independence Day!

Minnesota for Kerry


Where did that year go?

Perfect Duluth Day celebrates the anniversary of its first post tomorrow, and we simply must get together and celebrate, dahling.

Let's choose an intimate, out-of-the-way place this time. Shall we say, the Sailboat Park on the 700 block of W. Superior Street We will bring snacks and a cake, and when it gets dark, we'll show a movie on the big cement wall. Bring your skateboard, your Frisbee and a cushion.

PDD Party | Sailboat Park | 8:30pm | Wednesday

Scavenger hunt?

Does anyone have any details about the Scavenger Hunt that was this last Sunday? I really wanted to go, but instead saw Peter Himmelman at the zoo. So post some stories and make me regret my decision! :D

i have a purpose

could anyone make me a mix disc with these songs:

by the beatles:
good night, blue jay way, flying, if i fell

by radiohead:

by maria mckee:
if love is a red dress

by jim croce:
time in a bottle, i'll have to say i love you in a song

by wham!:
careless whisper


Anniversary Surprises Pt. 2: The Next Level

This is the first of hopefully several PDD "subdomains," which will be separate PDD pages for selected writers of merit.

Paul Lundgren has been writing "The Next Level" for around 7 years, I think, and the column has appeared in the Northland Reader and the Ripsaw; it currently appears in the Transistor Transmission.

Check back every other week for a new "Next Level" column, and to peruse the archives for that favorite column from the past.

And now, on to the subdomain: http://nextlevel.perfectduluthday.com

It's been a great week for geeks.

So far, at least.

Cassini-Huygens Mission Site.

The Circus is in town.

7 PM at Leif Erickson

I received a call yesterday from a woman named Jenka who is part of the Cycle Circus. They are currently travelling around the Great Lakes and performing random acts of Music, Puppetry and Art.

From their website:

Cycle Circus collective is a group of puppeteers, circus performers, bicycle builders and educators who have joined together to create colorful community events. We travel by bicycle as a festive parade to various communities uniting people through art and theater.

By collaborating with a diversity of groups our pedal-powered tours are aimed at creating social change through performances and skill shares. As cultural workers we are inspired to engage with the communities we visit to empower each other in creatively addressing our varied and common struggles.

Most of the group arrived in town last night and the rest of the crew will be here soon. They will be performing sometime this evening in Leif Erickson Park and later tonight at 16 N. 58th Ave. West (see 3 posts back.)

They will be contacting me later today with an exact performance time for Leif Erickson.

This sounds like a Perfect PDD Field Trip!

Web Poll Results

Which would you prefer?

Asparagus pee [32 votes, 45.07%]
Coffee pee [18 votes, 25.35%]
Beet pee [21 votes, 29.58%]


Some Friends of mine are having a little hellaballoo and I'd like to extend the invite. If anyone hates whitey, just kidding, if anyone wants to listen to some sweet Indiana anarchist folk punk and eat vegetarian food, come on by. Take Central Ave, go left off exit, First right (Nicolet) then left on 58th. The Address is 16N 58th Ave West.

For food come early, for the Indiana band, be there by 9pm. It's gonna be dope.

Mix CD

A two-cd mix I made for friends. A list of songs and downloads available here.

Also, is there a way to have the pdd blog displayed on other websites? like using the < insert > command? Or is that not allowed?

Anniversary Surprises Pt. 1: Bridget Riversmith

As many of you know, Wednesday, June 30 is the first anniversary of Perfect Duluth Day. And so, I thought I'd spend this week sprucing things up a bit, presenting some new toys and gadgets for the PDD community.

Please welcome our new featured artist, Bridget Riversmith. And as amazing as these images are, the Web doesn't even do them justice. Keep an eye on redrabbitriversmith.com for upcoming shows, so you can see 'em up close and in person.


Mercy post

As it is slow here this weekend here are some random images of mine from the past year to keep you occupied.


Makes you glad it is summer (even if it is a tad chilly)... Off to make baklava



Don't know how many of you are familiar with freecycle.org, but there is a Twin Ports chapter now, and I don't recall ever seeing mention of it on PDD so I thought I'd give them a little shout-out. It's great fun and I highly recommend it. Here is the blurb from the main page to give you an idea what it is about:

Welcome to Duluth-Superior FreeCycle, where one person's unwanted/unneeded items is another's treasure! The Freecycle Network is made up of individuals, non-profits & businesses across the globe who are GIVING & GETTING stuff for FREE in their own towns. Our goal is to reduce waste by connecting people who have unwanted items with others seeking the same items and have a little fun in the process. No item is too big or too small; but ALL items must be 100% free.

The primary intent of Freecycle is to reduce what is put into landfills by having people, organizations and businesses give away unneeded items rather than throw them out. Perhaps the real beauty is that it also fosters a more giving and caring attitude in our communities. We all have things in our garages, closets, attics, storerooms, offices, etc that we don't need. Freecycle lets you find someone who does need it instead of throwing it out and you can feel good about helping someone in our community. Many freecyclers both give and receive items on a regular basis.

Just think of Duluth-Superior FreeCycle as a big community wide garage sale only far cooler. It's a perfect consumer/earth friendly circle: no overhead, no money, no waste and no catch. The only requirement is that everything be absolutely FREE.

Duluth-Superior FreeCycle serves the greater Duluth-Superior area. Folks in the surrounding areas are also welcome.



Now THAT's an artist.


Price check, one two, one two. . .

I'm seriously considering raising my prices a ton. I think they'd actually sell if I charged more for them. (too cheap so they seem low quality is my reasoning)


Sincerest Form of Flattery

Or something like that. There's a low tribute compilation in the works...no not by any label or any music industry big wigs....just fans from the low fan listserv. Humble people getting riled up about getting the EXACT guitar chords for "John Prine" or getting really miffed when I joking did an expose' on Mim's gambling addiction...well they're nice people from all over the world and now they are paying tribute to their shoe gazing heros with a little tribute collection of low covers...I thought lil ol duluth shouldn't be left out so I said...I'll do starfire!! Well not actually DO starfire but ...er..well...then I thought..why not have starfire DO starfire...That's much better and probably fun to watch in a sick contortionist kinda way so...I booked the time at the church and with ericswan and aaronifthousands help, waaalaaa
Starfire.mp3 was born...enjoy

right click on the link and "save target as" ... or just open winamp and play location http://www.empirestatehuman.co.uk/lowtribute/starfire.mp3

show @ the "new" shor

just plain wrong
10:30 $2

here's your chance to send tonya off with the bang she deserves

Hey, Guess What?!


Don't player hate. Player appreciate.

Get your pimp name. Read about the pimp of the month. Just plain learn important stuff, like how to be a Love Distributor. Visit playerappreciate.com.

All together now...

3' Owens (England);
83' Postiga (Portugal);
20' Ex. Rui Costa (Portugal);
25' Ex. Lampard (England): Portugal 2, England 2.

Penalty : Portugal 5, England 4.

PDD Field Trip

JED's Birthday Dinner

That's right, folks. The only blogger ever to be forcibly removed from PDD wants YOU to attend her birthday dinner. And when I say you, I mean you. You might be thinking, "Oh, surely not ME. I called her a skank."

Yes. YOU.

Hacienda del Sol
319 E Superior St | 7pm | Tonight


Feeding the Monkey...

So, for the past few weeks...actually closer to the past month, I've been swinging by Whole Foods on my way to roast the coffee to pick up a couple of Third Street cookies. Fellow Bloggareenos...I have a problem. I have a Third Street Monkey on my back. I am admittedly addicted to those soft chewy delicioso treats...can't get enough of them. It all started when I was lucky enough to score a few dollars from the couch and dryer...instead of putting it away for a new pair of glasses (the responsible thing to do...) I squandered it away on The Monkey. Now, I can't get enough. I've dropped my frequency to twice a week, but since I'm one of those people who doesn't carry 'real' money, I have to buy two at a time to justify using my card.

I take it all back

I posted earlier today about how it looked pretty nice out and that we should all go to the beach. I'm replacing that post with this one because the clouds are rolling in.

Meet me at the bar.

Time to start poking Barrett until he concedes to my demands!

/poke /poke /poke /poke. . .

Oh and a link to blogger.com on the pdd main page would rock the cashbar.


getting magnetic in 48 hours

i'm so excited that the magnetic fields are coming to minneapolis in less than 48 hours!!! i lucked out when i went to get tickets a few weeks back and got front row center!!! this will give stephin merritt a chance to get a better look at me, and if all goes well ask me to marry him and finish out the rest of the tour with him.

1001 baby

P.p.p.p.patti tonight

This is the 1000th post on PDD!

That equals 2.8 posts per day over the last 357 days. Good work my fellow Blogger's. Stay tuned for more info on the 1 year anniversary of Perfect Duluth Day.

Are There Any, Like, Musicians in This Town?

Misplaced Music Net Radio is an Internet radio station out of Minneapolis started by area musicians for area musicians. Rumor has it, they'd like more Duluth bands in their playlist, and are eager for submissions from up north. If you want to submit your CD, or you'd like to know more about the station and the co-op, or if you want to listen, check out misplacedmusic.org


Paging O'Malley

Hey Ann-Marie,
New Moon's editors want your contact info. I believe they want to hire you to write the pirate chic story....
Contact me: micheller@newmoon.org


End of the Bush regime?

Last night I watched Bringing Down a Dictator on PBS. Even though it dealt with issues that at one time seemed a world away (the Milosevic regime in Serbia), today it seems to have an unsettling parallel.
Fixing elections, violence and wars, goverment restrictions, massive unemployment - it's not hard to make the comparison to Bush.
On the positive side, what caused the downfall of Milosevic was Otpor - student activists who engaged the country with their non-violent tactics. Change can be made.

I think it's neat.

The latest:

11:15 a.m. ET: The vehicle has touched down.

11:02 a.m. ET: Mike Melvill and his SpaceShipOne have made it into space. Everything looks good, mission official said, and the craft is now gliding back toward a landing at the Mojave Airport, where it took off earlier this morning. "I got goose bumps when I saw contrails," Greg Klerkx, author of Lost in Space: The Fall of NASA and the Dream of a New Space Age. "I never thought I'd see this moment, but here it is."

10:51 a.m. ET: SpaceShipOne has been dropped from its mothership, the White Knight. Pilot Mike Melvill fired the rockets and SpaceShipOne is now rocketing toward space. Goal: 62 miles (100 kilometers) up, where Melvill will earn his astronaut wings.

10:40 a.m. ET: The White Knight Mothership is at 32,000 feet. In about 10 minutes it will be in position to drop SpaceShipOne. "Hopes are running high," said Jeff Greason of Xcor Aerospace. "Were' looking forward to this great event."

(Photos and updates from Space.com)

Also: Go England!!

Game: Croatia 2, England 4.

Summer's here!

Good morning Blogosphere and hello Mr. Summer!

Today is the day! Davey Rothbart of Found should be on his way from Winnipeg now to regale us with his Fresh Finds.

Here is the lowdown on tonight for the last time, I promise.

7pm Potluck at the MAC. The Mac is located at 22 N. 1rst Avenue West. Just up from Jitters Coffee shop. Bring something to pass and maybe a beverage. I will provide plates and utensils.

8pm Davey will start his talk. Maybe you heard him on This American Life this weekend. He is very entertaining and has a great laugh.

9pm Dog Pookah starts playing. Toxic Tuesday will debut at some point during a Dog Pookah break.

So tell your friends to come on down. Let's show Found a real great Duluth time.

*then we can go skinny-dipping.


sometimes you feel like a nut...

olla, back after the initial excursion into the wilderness. Kinda odd to be back in "civilization". With that I'll leave you with a image or two of the area (VOYAGERS NATIONAL PARK) I just spent 2 weks kayaking. (the photos are not mine, I was not brave enough to bring my cameria into that wet environ.)

So, see you guys around.

Poll Results


1. Your head is too big. [76 votes, 61.79%]
2. Your belly is too big. [27 votes, 21.95%]
3. Your ass is too big. [20 votes, 16.26%]

The Rock Star: Adventures in Toddlerdom

Chase would make a great persnickity rock star. In the span of about three minutes the following exchanges occurred:

Chase, do you want apple juice or orange juice? "Apple Juice." (I get the apple juice). "I want orange juice." (I bring him the orange juice). "Da, you said you were bringing apple juice."

Then a piece of toast is dropped and I reach under the table to get it an he says "I want you to crawl under the table" about 5 times and starts crying when I don't.

After the phone book that he sometimes sits on falls about four times, I reposition it and he goes to sit down but notices that the dudes in suits are facing up and not the waterfall. "I don't want to sit on those guys. I want the waterfall." And then there is "I want upa" for the 24 inch jaunts from the couch to the DVD player.

So Chase's rider should he ever become a rock star might look like this:

1. Numerous fruit juices and a flexible bartender must be available at all times.
2. All personnel must be willing to stoop under tables for no apparent reason at a moments notice.
3. As appropriate and deliciously symbolic as it may seem for a man of his stature, Mr. C will not sit on any likenesses of guys in suits.
4. A computer with wireless access must be available for Mr. C at all times. Playhousedisney, pbskids, and nickjr must be bookmarked and clearly marked in the browser toolbar. His preferred OS is Macintosh.
6. Three episodes of Bob the Builder, JoJo, Stanley, and Arthur must be Tivoed and available at all times.
7. Mr. C likes his bananas to be cut and put in a "Chase bowl" with organic sprinkles on top.
8. Do NOT and I repeat do NOT leave the skin on a pear before serving it to Mr. C
9. When Mr. C commands "Back Yaaaaaaaaad" it means he must go outside immediately.
10. Under no circumstance should water be poured over Mr. C's head when he is bathing.
11. His washcloth's name is Chuck.
12. MR. C. likes stories and I mean "LOTS" of stories read to him at bedtime.
13. If Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album is ever played in Mr. C's presence, the songs Bennie and the Jets and Harmony must be put on "repeat."
14. Naps are for suckas and please don't ever intimate that Mr. C needs a nap.
15. Whenever food is cooked in the microwave, it is Mr. C's custom to count down from ten and say "beep, beep" before the microwave's alarm sounds.
16. All assistants, roadies, and other tour personnel must be able to sketch cartoon characters and Mr. C's relatives at a moments notice.
17. If Mr. C remarks "Don't you know the crime rate's going up," this is not social commmentary. You must put on the Rolling Stones's song "shattered" from the Some Girls album immediately.
18. The "Mozart effect" is a scam to keep googly-eyed mommy entrepreneurs in the cash. Mr. C likes his music loud and fast.
19. Do NOT disrespect The Princess Bride.
20. And above all if Mr. C says "upa" you must "upa" him immediately or heads will roll.



I am completing an internship at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum and my immersion in small town Wisconsin this weekend and will be back in Duluth for a week. Someone really needs to anthropologically examine Nascar culture and then explain it to me because I simply do not get it.

I am an Idiot, pass it on.


Have you been Found?

June 21rst is coming up quick. The Duluth News Tribune wrote a nice piece on Davey Rothbart and Found. You can read it here.

Does anyone plan on coming for the PotLuck? I will be providing paper plates and utensils. Do you think I should arrange for a grill?

Blogger Criticized for Pulling Service

By BRIAN BERGSTEIN, AP Technology Writer
NEW YORK - Dave Winer, a pioneer of an online journal format known as Web logs, thought he was doing people a favor by hosting 3,000 of such blogs for free.

Missed Tech Tuesday?
So many acronyms, so little time. Take the pain out of managing your music, movies, and photos.

So he was taken aback this week when he endured a barrage of criticism for deciding to stop the free service — an episode that reveals deep passions about blogging.

Winer launched his first Web log in 1997 and began hosting other people's blogs in 2000, when he headed UserLand Software, a Web publishing company.

After UserLand dropped the service to focus on selling blogging-related tools, Winer bought some servers and offered free hosting on Weblogs.com, a site that also tracks blogs hosted elsewhere, making it an important blogging hub.

Eventually Winer, now a research fellow at Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet and Society, found that running the free service took too much time and energy, especially because he has health problems that he declined to discuss. He closed the free blogs Sunday.

"I can't have 3,000 people who depend on me for free stuff yelling and screaming at me, saying, `I need this now,'" he said Wednesday. "I gave and I gave, and I paid a great price."

Winer says bloggers who want their archived material can have it in a few weeks. He also hopes to connect them with other volunteers who will host blogs for free.

Still, bloggers who relied on Weblogs.com were furious, saying they should have been warned about the cutoff. Their anger spread to other bloggers, too, including Elisabeth Riba of Melrose, Mass., who called Winer "an egomaniacal blowhard with his head in the clouds. So much for his vision of blogtopia."

Such slams had Winer shaking his head.

"This thing has been blown so far out of proportion," he said. "It's just unbelievable to me."

Burn Baby Burn!

Tuba Frenzy has mashed-up the Enron tapes and Snap's 'The Power'... Excellent.

Per our discussion: Pipe Dreams

Morning... Bus stop... Weather: good...
- Man, do I look sharp in these new shades.
- Where's the lady in the aerobics outfit?
- I bet me and Maynard Keenan would be great friends.
- I wonder if the new Star Wars figures are in yet.
- Oh, here's the bus, gotta put my pipe out.

Morning... On the bus...
- Cub Foods? More like Chump Foods!! Chumps.
- Our carts are way better than Shopko's.
- It would be so cool if Petco sold scorpions.
- I bet Toys R Us has the action figures.
- Mmmm. Hardee's giant bowl of meat and eggs sounds good about now.
- We should all go to Perkins on Friday and plan for our next quest.
- I wonder if Gamestop has looked at my job application... I have a Mac, a PC, and X-Box... what else... a Nintendo 64...
- K-mart? More like Krap Mart!! They suck.
- If I got that job at Best Buy I could still catch the same bus and totally trick out my PC.

Afternoon... Lunch:
- Damn right I want to Biggie Size those fries.
- Hey, if anyone needs me I'll be outside. Smoking. Smoking my pipe. If anyone needs me.
- Aw, c'mon Mom, I told you not to call me at work.
- Totally asked Amanda if, y'know, if she wanted to hang out.
- Dammit Todd, if you don't get those #1 camel hair brushes back to me I'll never be able to finish painting Grinklor the Draven Mage in time for this weekend... ass.

Early evening... On the bus... going home:
- I wonder if Todd's older brother's still got that half bottle of whiskey.
- I wonder how much Mountain Dew I've got left. Dew.
- Krap Mart. Ha.
- I can't wait to get off the bus so I can light my pipe.


Instead of "endless summer"....cause gawd knows, it's gonna end (if it hasn't already).. I propose this is WIRELESS SUMMER!!! I'm posting from the brewhouse now (thanks tim and rod) and then I'll go down to the c-anal park and check my ebay accnt. oooo I cant wait to play city of heros from amazing grace....go go wireless!!! let's have a wired duluth party where we all post and stream from different parts of town....
BTW I used the terraserver to get the sat image of duluth...where were you on 17 May 1991?

This is hilarious.

Here is a funny story from our GBV concert experience.


The Tooth Fairy is Dead

Well, that's it. The end of my son's childhood has officially started.

Today while he was having an ice cream in the park cafe one of his teeth fell out, his eighth one. He gave it to me for safe keeping so he could leave it under his pillow for the tooth fairy tonight.

I was putting him to bed and put the tooth on his bedside table. He said he had to make an envelope for his tooth otherwise the tooth fairy wouldn't be able to find it. So we folded up some paper, put the tooth in it and he put it under his pillow. I said my 'goodnights' and 'I love yous' and 'Goodnight. See you in the mornings.'... then as I was closing the door he said, 'Mum...'
Me: 'Yes (slightly exasperated because he does the delaying thing *every* night)'
Him: 'Just admit it.'
Me: 'Admit what?'
Him: 'You put the money under my pillow, don't you?'
Me: 'When? (play dumb, always works with men)
Him: 'Just admit it! You put the money under my pillow.'
Me: 'Instead of the tooth fairy?'
Him: 'Yes. You do it, right?'
Me: (delaying) 'Who told you that?'
Him: 'No one. I just thought about it. Fairies aren't real, are they?'
Me: 'Well, no.'
Him: 'So it must be you. Admit it.'
Me: 'Uh...'
Him: 'Admit it. I won't be mad.'
Me: 'Well, OK. Yea. It was me.'
Him: 'Was it?!'
Me: 'Yea.'
Him: 'Every time?'
Me: 'Yea. Except the times when you were at dad's and granny and grandpa's.'
Him: 'Really??!! (smiling)'
Me: 'Yea...'
Him: 'That's so funny! (laughing)'
Me: 'But you can't tell anyone else. You're in the "Adult Club" now. You've got to keep the secret.'
Him: 'Well Conrad doesn't believe in fairies so I can tell him, right?'
Me: 'Well... you need to find out if he believes in the tooth fairy though first. You've got to keep the secret. You're in the Club now.'
Him: 'OK...'
Me: 'Let me show you something.'

I took a little box down from the top shelf of the bookshelves.

Me: 'Look. I saved all your teeth.'
Him: 'Really?! (laughing) You're mad.'
Me: 'I think they're lovely.'
Him: 'Why do you waste your money like that?'
Me: 'By giving it to you? Well, it's not a waste. I like it. And so do you, right?'
Him: 'Yea...'
Me: 'OK, darling, it's bedtime. I'll see you in the morning, new Club member.'
Him: 'OK. Nite.'

I go to close the door.

Him: 'Mum.'
Me: 'Yes?'
Him: 'Can you give me the money now then, please? I can't wait til morning.'

Got any ideas for this weekend?

In his capacity as grand instigator and supreme leader of the Los Angeles Cacophony Society, "Reverend Al" Ridenour was famed for his practical jokes. His presence at the Los Angeles Marathon, however, was not universally appreciated.

Having unfurled a "Just Quit" banner at the 22-mile mark of the 26.2 mile course, the merry pranksters proceeded to entice tired runners to join the dark side with offers of doughnuts, beer, cigarettes and beef jerky.


Ben's game

"Ben, nine years old, is in remission from Leukemia. He also had a unique wish. Bens wish was to create a video / computer game in which the hero kills cancer cells. The game would have several levels of battling the cells. Ben felt that this game would be helpful for kids like him who have cancer, a way to fight back and relieve some of the pain and stress involved with treatment. Ben is a big fan of video games and computers, so the Greater Bay Area Make-A-Wish Foundation went out to local game companies to find a champion to make Bens wish come true. A hero stepped forward: Eric Johnston of LucasArts. Not only did Eric want to make Bens wish a reality, he wanted to involve Ben in every step of the process. For months, Ben and Eric have been meeting on a regular basis to make the game just as Ben has envisioned it. Now you will have a chance to see it too"


is pdd coming up on it's one year birthday sometime soon? the first archived entry is june 30, but i haven't been a member since the get go, so i couldn't remember if that was the very, very beginning.

anyways, bloggerati, poopers, nerds...whatever, will their be a big cyber birthday party? i plan to flood the site on the anniversary with naked pictures of myself jumping out of a big computer shaped cake-WATCH OUT!!

No ID required...

I wonder how long it will take before underage teenagers start snorting this...

'da Marathon

Soon Duluth will be flooded by millions of fanatic runners and tourists alike. Yes, like it or not, Grandma's Marathon is this weekend. I know some of you are planning to flee but I have another suggestion. The only year I actually enjoyed watching the marathon involved early morning coctails and a kitty pool on Superior St. Any other ideas?

My proudest fathering moment

This weekend my 6 year old had a friend over. They were eating their macaroni and cheese for lunch. As expected, their conversation turned to burps and farts. The Friend had an unbelievable burping skill, and my son and his 3-year old sister tried to do it too but couldn't produce the real burps, just guttural "ahhh"s and grunts.

Then The Friend told them that he could make farts with his armpit, which caused amazement and disbelief. He tried it, but nothing happened. He blamed the shirt he was wearing.
I had been listening quietly to all this, and couldn't resist. I walked into the kitchen with my right hand firmly in my left armpit, and my left arm flapping. Their eyes got huge and The Friend said "Wow, my brother can't even do it that good!"


All in a Day's Work

Prints are available in many sizes, for the most part whatever size you want. 12" x 18" cost $25.00. Email me if interested.