Exploding whale in Taiwan

The 56-foot long sperm whale was being transported through city streets on the truck after it was found beached during the weekend. It was being hauled to a university where scientists were going to try to find out how it died.



Just when you think you've heard it all...

Wonder how much he charges for a concert...


Check out the sound file near the bottom.

fresh meat!

Geddy Lee could kick Ray Manzarek's ass.

Victim of a rear-ending this morning

Now that I've gotten you all excited, let me explain that its my poor car that got the rear-ending. Luckily I had already dropped-off lp.
I feel like this:
winter finger

My other bike is a Cruiser.

dusty olson is a god
What do you get when you combine drinking and biking and gambling? A big fat knee thats what you get. The Cruiser Bike Poker Ride of 2002 was a memorable event. The weather was perfect, the bikes were beautiful and everything almost came off without a hitch.
Bardley Glenn, publisherFor those not familiar with the concept of a Poker Ride I will elaborate. I think these events started in the motorcycle or snowmobiler world. Basically you ride from bar to bar and draw a card at each stop to form a Poker hand. Best hand wins the pot at the end of the ride. Bryn Jacobsen, owner of Boreal Bike Works and I have both taken part in the CAMBA trail Poker Rides in the past and had often dreamed of having a more urban ride here in Duluth.
MitchellThe first "Ace's High Cruiser Bike Poker Ride" attracted 9 hardy souls. We started the ride at Bryn's shop on 8th St. and wound our way from the hillside, through the West End, the graffiti graveyard, Canal Park, Downtown, the Lakewalk and a planned end stop at Sir Benedicts. Everything was going great. We brought our bikes in to each bar and there was much merriment. Near the end of the ride I got in to a race with the infamous Dusty Olson on the Lakewalk. As we came to the hill near Leif Erickson Park I was pulling away and pedalling my bike harder then I ever had. Thats when it happened. My chain derailed and all the momentum of the race turned toward the ground and the first thing to hit the ground was my left knee. Ouch.
OUCH!We continued on to Sir Benedict's, got a big bag of ice and only then did I pull up my pants to evalute the damage. The word Grapefruit was the first thing that came to mind. Nothing was broken but to this day that knee gets achy when the barometer drops.

We had a ride again this past fall. There were some new faces, a few less bar stops and no racing. We hope to have this event on both equinoxes in the future so stay tuned.

(click on small photos for bigger ones)

Down deep we all knew it....



The mighty Amity Falls.

Turns out

...the days of the Professor Party may already be over. In our wrangling over our separation, my wife and I have agreed that I should move out of that fabulous space. It's hard to get it up for parties in the face of such major bummage. But on the other hand, someday she'll move and I'll get to move back, and party.

In the meantime, I think I just scored a room in Lisa K. Rockstar's house, and if you know her, you know she likes a good party....

Your horoscope: next few weeks will see some changes.

Starfire---Dentist Appointment!


Sliding safety

For all you tobogganing fans out there, a bit of friendly advice


And the winner is!

Heres the facts.

name | Haydn Allan Lunt
weight | 7lbs. 15oz.
height | 20.5"
birth time | 9:10am

Mother and baby are doing swell. My mother says he's cuter than his older brother was but then he didn't make the trip down the birth canal either so there ya have it. I hope to have pictures soon (minus the penis.)

Yee Haw!

Has Anyone Seen My Nipples?

They snapped off and blew away in a howling wind when I went out to start my car this morning. They are small and pink, if anyone has seen them please contact O'Malley ASAP!

I'm an Uncle! (again.)

My sister-in-law should be recovering nicely by now at Methodist Hospital in Rochester, MN. She had a C-Section scheduled for 7:30 this morning and so by now my 2nd nephew should have arrived in this world. His name might he Sam or Haydn and his middle name could be Scott or James or Allan.

This weekend I will trek to Austin, MN. to hold my nephew and cange a diaper or two. By the way, the picture above is not of my nephew. I will post a pic just as soon as I get one.

Oh. It's really cold out.

Let's move it along...


it's time for this week's roundup kids

and i thought i was tough check out diana jean!


There is no purpose for this image other then I think it is cool, and it acts as a "pusher" to move certain things along (and off) the bottom of the blog.

Poll Results.

Donny Ness:

Machiavellian Prince of Darkness? [28 votes, 57.14%]

Supreme Sovereign of Strategy? [21 votes, 42.86%]


what ever happened to hanoi jane?

she used to be so cool


For all of those who have shared their stories about getting hot and bothered by technology I couldn't resist posting this...

An Evil Cause

Bring it on

Finally, a big-ass snow storm.
THIS is a perfect Duluth day.


But is it art?

Cloud Cult rocked

For those of you who missed it, Cloud Cult at Luce was awesome.

I have known Craig for some time, through all his hard times of the past few years. I just gotta say, he has had more pain in his life than anyone should bear, but he is alchemically turning it into light. Craig/Cloud Cult prove that some people never lose their openness, goodness, and inner divine spark, even when by rights they should be bitter, angry, and broken. Craig is Christ-like, and that is no mere hyperbole. I love that guy. Go to www.earthology.net and buy Aurora Borealis.

Pretty Comments

Good news, everyone -- I finally got around to upgrading our comment form. After a whopping $10 investment and 15 minutes worth of tinkering, the look fuses better with the rest of the site, there are no ads or smilies, and there's a rich-text function that allows us to easily use bold, italics, hyperlinks, etc.

Try it out.

This is a story by Little Pirate

Once upon a time there was a dog named Pepe and a Bat named Pepe. They aren't friends right now because Pepe bat wanted to go to the merry-go-round and Pepe Dog didn't want to go. Pepe dog wanted to go to Dog Camp Snoopy to find some bear trails (Dog Camp Snoopy is a kind of dog forrest).

Pepe bat is afraid that pepe dog will get hurt by the bears, but pepe dog wanted to go to Dog Camp snoopy anyways. So Pepe dog goes, and Pepe Bat follows him to protect him, and um, when bears try to get Pepe dog, Pepe bat picks him up with his bat feet and saves the dog.

And then they were friends and then they went to the bat and dog merry-go-round together.

The End

message for German Chris

i can't get into my email easily today, so i hope you get this. Look in the lost and found at the Bremen train station. I left your hat there. (I doubt i will need this Asia.) Thanks for everything. Especially the boggle at the bicycle bar. (starfire, if you ever visit Germany.... this place is for you)

dear pdd-

yes i realize that i have a un-healthy association with alcohol.

it has lead to the demise of many wonderful friendships i have garnered over the years.

today is the 1st day of many yet to come.

i need your support and love-today. i am gone, tomorrow i'll be back feb 22.

love buttercup

ps i am crying so hard you wouldn't beleive it


icicle, icicle, where are you going?

(this is the view if you poke your head out my kitchen window)

Peace Rabbit

I was cleaning out my shelf at the library and came across something wonderful that I forgot about. This was an idea that a hippie man presented a few years ago on how to deal with problem situations at the library.


Volunteer or staff person dressed in rabbit costume with basket of brochures.

Approach situation when parent is angry at child-child may be fussing, screaming, running away, having a temper tantrum, generally not cooperating with parent.
SAY NOTHING. Rabbit appears, to distract, diffuse, de-escalate anger and calm the situation; hand parent a brochure.

Brochure will include the following:

What to do when your child is misbehaving:
1. Don't take it personally!!!
2. Say to yourself, "I can handle this."
3. Count in your head down from 20 slowly.
4. Take some deep breaths, let them out slowly.
5. Give yourself time to think before you react.
6. This sitation happens to many parents/adults. You are not alone!!!
7. You and your child can go to a quiet place (another area in the building, your car, outside, home.)


Field Trip!

Hey all. I just saw this on the news. There's a ceramic bowl-making all-nighter tonight through Saturday at 3pm. The bowls will be sold at an upcoming area food bank fundraiser. Sounds like an art-geek good time. All are welcome. I plan to go around noon on Saturday.

Empty Bowl Throw-a-thon at Lake Superior College
Days/Times: Friday, January 23, 2004 9 a.m., through 3 p.m. Saturday, January 24, 2004

Event Location: Lake Superior College Art & Ceramics Studio
2101 Trinity Road Duluth, MN 55811

Fee: Free

And now... on to others things

But first.....

How dumb are you?

Not to criticize

I know I'm new, so I probably shouldnt criticize this blog, but I couldnt help that PDD pales in comparison to this blog. I mean really, lets try to make the same kind of quality blog that that blog has.


We are nothing...and everything.


Sorry, I was smoking the "squirrel"

I submitted the wrong hyperlink on my last post.
Here's the GloFish.


Meet Pepe. Sweet little Pepesito spent last week at my pad whilst the Doogla was sunning in Mexico. As you can imagine being so small and relatively hairless does not agreee with our Minnesota winters. Pepe spends most of the late fall through early summer perched next to a heat vent, under the covers or basking in the radiant warmth of the sun.

He is not your best friend on first meeting. In fact it can take 2 or 3 visits before he will even tolerate your presence with out some barking and snapping. When you do make it to his inner- circle you will be rewarded with sweet sweet nose lickings and gentle coos of contentment while he sleeps inside your jacket.

I am in fact Pepe's Godfather. I was there when Dougie picked him from the litter of chihua/rat terrier mix puppies. You could tell right away that Pepe was special. He didn't run with the pack but stood unafraid and proud.

Pepe is 8 or 9 this year and is showing some grey but has not slowed down much. If you are ever travelling down East 8th St and hear the incessant barking of a small dog, thats Pepe. Say hi.

No Professor Party on Friday

Go to Cloud Cult on Saturday at Luce instead.

i thought i had bad luck..

until i read about a VICTIM HIT BY 3 VEHICLES here


Are you anywhere?

Are you up to date on the whitehouse's list of street names for pot? It is quite entertaining and educational!

Say Uncle

Two weeks ago, my sister had a baby. I want to be a good uncle, and I've been reflecting on all the wisdom and inspiration my 5 uncles passed on to me. Here are 38 years of uncle advice distilled into one blog post.

"Don't get between that cow and the barn. She'll crush you."

"That's the clutch, that's the brake, that's the gas. Steer away from the pond."

"Hold on 17, take a hit at 16. Unless the dealer's showing a 3 or something."

"Never start smoking. It's a filthy disgusting habit." Of course he was lighting up at the time.

"You can't win big money if you can't wager big money."

"Want a present? Pull my finger."

"Don't pee on your bandage again. If you do, your dad's fixing it this time."

"Carter was a good president."

"Carter was a horrible president"

"Wedding gifts -- another generation of dust collecting crap."

"Go ahead, get back on that horse. She won't throw you again."

"How 'bout that? That horse really doesn't like you."

One Fish, two fish.....

GM the fish to get GloFish.

I'm waiting for the squirrel; I'll string 'em up and be a shoe-in for next year's MN Power lighting contest.

OK so I was wrong

...about Dean winning Iowa. How embarrassing. Gosh, do you think any of those Gonzo Science columns could have been wrong too?!?

Let me just say, for you Dean watchers, that it is only Iowa; it would have been really great to win it and would have put us in a stronger position to beat Bush later, but whatever. Dean could even lose New Hampshire and still clean up on Super Tuesday. He has strong organizations in all those states and is still the most successful fundraising machine the Democratic Party has ever seen.

Remember too that neither Reagan nor Clinton won Iowa.

I know I am going to continue to send Dean as much money as I can. He is still the best candidate IMHO.

What should have hapened

Zogby Sound Bites!


This Means Something!!!

Cheeseheads take heart. The Badgers are taking over! I've been watching for 2 hours now and I CAN"T STOP. I will figure it out.

FACES closed 15 years ago today

For those of you who have been longtime Northlanders you may remember the all ages night club Faces that used to be in the lower part of the Jubilee on Superior Street. It was the only cool place that we Superior highschoolers could go and dance. Sadly drugs brought an end to our haven. I always remember this night because it is my nephews birthday. My mom wnet to Chicago to be with my sister and I stayed with my friend Carrie. When we crawled home after the closing night I had a post it note on her bedroom door announcing that I was an aunt. I still have that note!

Nothing Makes Me Laugh More NOW and Cry Less LATER than These Quizzes

Are you damned?
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey

You're coming back! And if you are a Hindu you are going to have very specific characteristics:

"The slayer of a woman and the destroyer of embryos becomes a savage full of diseases; who commits illicit intercourse, a eunuch; who goes with his teacher’s wife, disease-skinned. The eater of flesh becomes very red; the drinker of intoxicants, one with discolored teeth...." (Garuda Purana)


What Kind of Drunk Are You?

Beck's Rocket growing restless

Finally, here is your chance to pet Beck's Rocket!

i'm in heaven

i just got this little beauty in the mail. the dvd, not the poster

Poll Results.

What is your favorite January activity?

Hibernation [10 votes, 8.5%]
Nordic Skiing [3 votes, 2.65%]
Binge Drinking [18 votes, 15.93%]
Pot-lucking [8 votes, 7.08%]
Movie Marathons [11 votes, 9.73%]
Overeating [4 votes, 3.54%]
Alpine skiing [0 votes, 0.00%]
Ice fishing [3 votes, 2.65%]
Planning your garden [3 votes, 2.65%]
Insanity [53 votes, 46.90%]


I emailed Bob Mould.

You know Bob right? Husker Du, Sugar, Brasilia Crossed with Trenton? Well like everyone now he has a Blog.

I sorta missed out on Husker Du. I was a scared early adolescent when they were playing a lot. It wasn't till the Urban Guerillas that I started going out to see music. I missed seeing the Replacements too and all those other great 80's Mpls bands.

I did see Bob play solo recently while out on tour with Low. I had just injured my knee in a Cruiser Bike Poker Ride accident (damn Dusty Olson) and I was unable to stand without intense pain. I was a bit dissaponted in his show. His acoustic guitar sounded awful to me, maybe it was the sound guys fault but between that and my knee I was dissapointed.

Well I emailed Bob about his lack of a comment section and to invite him to play in Duluth sometime. He actually responded right away. He said his Blog would get out of control with comments and I spose it would.

Ice Crystal Rainbow Effect Over Lake Superior This Morning


Very Sad News

It was discovered last evening that on New Years Eve someone walked away from Pizza Luce with two guitars from the Black Eyed Snakes.

Both guitars were Gibson SG Jrs, one belonging to Big House Bob and the other to myself, on loan to Bob.

If anyone has any info or hears anything, please contact me or the Duluth Police.

This is a picture of a guitar identical to mine.

nuff said

"Dude, I'm voting for the general"- Moore

Who are you voting for in the primary?

Michael Moore's voting for Clark
and his endorsement is rather convincing.

But I'm still not 100% for anyone, only 100% anti-Bush.

good times.

Obligatory Post Party Post

I just want to give a quick shout out to all you chooch-town rockers, cybernetic webloggers, Ripsaw intelligentsia, art-scene tweakers, Co-op all-stars, and assorted other losers, freaks, and dopers who made the magic happen last night. Thank you.


now there's something you don't see every day...


iFilms (Free!)

He Died With a Felafel In His Hand, the first of a series of monthly independent films is showing in the Green Room of the Duluth Public Library at 1:30 Saturday the 17th. It should be a strange, good time. Hope to see many of you there for this much needed new movie venue.

Would-be writer Danny (Noah Taylor) is a twenty-something neurotic obsessive, living in his 47th shared house. From Brisbane to Melbourne and Sydney we meet his flatmates, tomboy Sam (Emily Hamilton), the mysterious Anya (Romane Bohringer), neurotic Nina (Sophie Lee), Flip (Brett Stewart) and latent homosexual Dirk (Francis McMahon). Pursued by detectives, life is forever complicated, especially concerning the seemingly irresolvable love triangle that evolves.
Full Review

what the

Which Historical Lunatic Are You?
From the fecund loins of Rum and Monkey.


Cheese Glorious Cheese

After seeing the recent anti-Wisconsin sentiment in comments on this site, I thought I would take some time to educate you Badger State haters about the glory of Wisconsin.

You guys in Minnesota may have the biggest ball of twine but we have this.
I can already sense your envy.

El fatties

BBC NEWS | Americas | US questions global obesity plan this is a joke 1. The arguments put forth by Bush & Co sound a lot like the criticism used against global warming and cigs not causing cancer and 2. This is a blatantly non scientific administration, how can it credibly put forth criticism of scientific thought?

Come to my Friday night open house Crackbrained Comix party

Friday 6-12+, wine and cheese+, hanging action figure dioramas+, comic art everywhere. On the hillside, email for directions. Kid friendly (except for some sex and drug references) until about 9:30, then you should put them to bed.

he likes it in duluth.

i had to post this picture. because the one starfire posted scares me-- it looks like ELO's Jeff Lynne in disguise as Dylan.

and because this one looks like it was taken in Duluth (but it's actually Brooklyn).

you got to have civic pride

i for one am proud to say that we have a better selection of these in our fair city.


oh, aragorn.

i caught mr. lumpy g at the mariner mall last night prior to his fourth viewing of every geek's cinematic wet dream, LOTR: TROTK. i have seen this movie only once. i ask you: is any blogger here a grander geek than g.?

Mmmm Feels good!


I am going to the aquarium for that geek prom meeting tonight and I am going to sneak off and touch the stingray's eyeballs. I may also pull their tails, just a little bit. Does anyone dare stop me?

The fix was sooooooooo in!!

I have made a detailed, frame-by-frame, analysis of Favre's mighty throw. I have concluded that at the zenith of that elegant arc, the ball makes a distinct "swerve" contrary to the direction of the wind. I have developed several theories:

- During the previous Eagles possession, the referees, in consiracy with the Eagles, switched the proper and legitmate game ball with a ball that had at both ends extremely high RPM, remote-controlled gyroscopes. This would allow anyone on the Eagles sideline to remotely influence the trajectory of the ball.

- H.A.A.R.P., anyone?

- It's been well and goodly established that a Packer Championship will affect politics on a national level. Therefore, it is safe to assume that members of a secret (possibly private) paramilitary organization using state-of-the-art, non-leathal, electromagnetic weapons were used to force the ball out of its natural, parabolic course.

- The devil. There. I said it. The devil effed it up!

- Weather control satellites were brough to bear on the stadium that night. And at the maximum altitude of Favre's pass, >WHAMMO!< Game over, and anyone who dares oppose NOAA learns an important lesson.

I have every reason to believe these to be the basis of a greater truth.

Hula Hoop Bowling Farewell

Come hoop it up @ the Incline Wed. night. Say goodbye to Laura & her fancy bowling dance before she leaves Duluth behind & flies off on an epic adventure across SE Asia one more time.


Good News in a Bad Bad World.

I am poor, primarily, and sometimes, but not all the time, irresponsible. Today I made a few calls to finally pay some legal fees, an underage drinking ticket from almost seven years ago, and get myself on the straight and narrow. I found out that all my fines have been wiped clean because it has been over five years since I accrued them, finally! some good fucking news.

Welcome home Bobby!

Mr Dylan was spotted downtown Duluth today buying T-shirts with his likeness. Actually his woman friend made the purchase while Bob maintained a low profile. Anyone else see him?

p.s. The picture above is not Bob, I know.

professor's open house art party sneak peek

The silver surfer catching major air in my living room, where the theme is space toys.

Open house/Crackbrained Comix cartoon art party 6PM-12+, this Friday, the hillside, email for directions. Wine and cheese will be served. BYOB too. More photos to follow.

...define "Kooch"... and then Sign me Up.



Black Ice is not your friend

After 5 perfect days in the Northland we were heading home at 8am and hit a patch of black ice just outside of Trego on Highway 53 that sent us flying off the road and down into a ditch. Lucky us-we didn't roll and a Sheriff came by within two minutes and called the tow truck. We have Illinois plates so I know they thought we were just stupid FIB's. What a lovely way to start a roadtrip!

I knew God couldn't be trusted

The final field goal only confirmed my resolve.
God is not a nice guy.
If he couldn't get Favre another Superbowl,
after all he's been through, then he must be a meanie.
More evidence of this can be shown here.

Wow. Must have been quite a sight.

I was watching Sunday's National Football League playoff game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Kansas City Chiefs when I heard Dan Dierdorf, a commentator, say something that disturbed me.

"Payton Manning is literally shredding the Kansas City Cheifs defense," he said.

Jeez. And I missed it? How did he do it, with a machete or a big cheese grater?


I'm Really Sorry About This

I blame the fact that I read all three volumes of The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, who said that the best ones died early. And I blame Crystal from whom I got this link.

More irritating than even that kid who you took a dislike to at school, you'll live on as one of the many reasons you'll never want to go back to being a child. The annoying laugh, that needling competitiveness with everything you do, the desire to be better, meaner, first, first, first, first, first ...

Remember when you taped his buttocks together, hung him from a tree and then swung from his gonads, chanting "I am the monkey king"? Even a full scale nuclear apocalypse won't shake off the little bastard, apparently.

Which Survivor of the Impending Nuclear Apocalypse Are You?
A Rum and Monkey joint.

Artist's Open House at Professor's this Friday

Prof Here. Come to my artist's open house/party this Friday 6PM-midnite+. Refreshments will be served but if you show up after 8 the wine will probably be gone so BYOB. (If you don't already know where I live just email me.) I will have a sizable collection of my favorite cartoons from the past five years covering the walls. And in addition to the hundreds of action figures some of you have already seen, there will be dozens of new toys suspended from the cieling for complete sensory overload. I will post tantalizing photos throughout the week to tease you. Below is a detail of the hanging hallway diarama "Black Hawk Down," in which a helicopter, being shot down by jets, lurches its human cargo violently into space.


talk amongst yerselves


Whoppers and snow

I don't know but I think this first thing is actually quite amusing.

Hackers and BK

Thursday evening at the lake

public service announcements.

i have a few things i need to share.

1. i've decided to stop drinking for a while. i think i've spent $100 on alcohol in the last few days. seems silly to spend money on something you're just going to puke up later. instead, i will spend my money on laser vaudville shows and cocaine. they are super cool.

2. my mom has tv trays for sale. there are four of them, they come with a stand, they are made of real wood, and they can't help but rawk. she was going to ask $10 for them, but a dog chewed on a corner of one so she has reduced her price to $5. she'd probably throw in a pair of stirrup pants to boot. any takers?

3. i think the plastic squirrel and the castiron rabbit need to have a fight. maybe not a physical fight, as the squirrel is bleached and brittle, but perhaps a spinoff at starfire lounge. my bet is on the squirrel. he will make you rock out with the cock out.

4. if you missed hot toddy's elvis birthday show, you should be ashamed of yourself. it was a stupendous evening at the elk's lodge in superior. there were old ladies and small children and drunks and giant pompadours and dirty dancing. it don't get no better'n that.

you may now resume your regularly scheduled activities.


Love Somebody

I saw a great movie last night called "Love Somebody." It stars Jon Lovitz and Rick Springfield. Lovitz plays a middle-aged gay man named Jake who has been obsessed for decades with Rick Springfield. Springfield plays himself.

Jake spends a lot of time at the hospital visiting his mother, who is dying of cancer. Soon, he meets Rick Springfield -- his hero and object of all desires. Springfield is visiting an old friend who has Lou Gehrig's disease.

Jake convinces Springfield to play a concert at a local club while he's in town. It's a fundraiser for Jake's mother and Rick's friend. Jake helps promote the event, but does a terrible job and only about 50 people show up. Still, the concerts kicks ass.

Throughout the process, Jake learns that Rick is not the ideal man he built him up to be over the years, and is also uncompromisingly heterosexual. Still, the two become good friends and Rick ends up playing cupid, introducing Jake to his gay road manager, Mike, played by David Schwimmer.

Jake's mother dies at the end, and Rick's friend turns out to be a gaybasher. But Jake and Mike's wedding is beautiful and Rick's performance of the song "Love Somebody" at the reception is stellar.

In all, the film is full of joy, sorrow and Rick Springfield music. I highly recommend it.

Yet another shooting.

Whew. All the Rock Stars are getting it. Cris Kirkwood, ex-bass player for the Meat Puppets was shot around X-mas time in Arizona. His was a much less honorable event than Mr. Davies of the Kinks. You can read more here. Seems like Mr. Kirkwood could use some anger management classes which me might just get in prison.

Ray Rules!

Ray Davies of the Kinks is Super-tuff! In case you have not heard Ray was shot in New Orleans while chasing a robber who stole a purse from his woman friend. I don't know about you but if someone has a gun I think I would run the other way. So kudos to you Ray! I am glad you were only shot in the leg.

Maybe his recent royal honors have gone to his head. I for one would vote for him to be Knighted. Can you vote for such a thing or is it all up to the Queen? I do know that tonight at the Starfire Lounge is Kinks night. All your faves and more. See you there.


Brett Anderson of Suede, and Bernard Butler, formerly of Suede, finally had a pint together and spoke for the first time since Bernard left the outfit in 1994.

I'm probably the only one for miles who cares about this, but I had to let my joy be known. I saw Suede in concert only once, in February of 1995, expecting to see my guitar god hero Bernard Butler, for the very first time. I didn't know he had already quit the band. So, one of the most seminal moments of my life turned into complete and utter disappointment. Not to mention that my tickets worked their way out of my pants pocket on the way to the Cabaret Metro and I had to buy them back from a bum.

Brett recently announced that Suede are finished, and Bernard has been mixing tracks for the Libertines.

Long live the Queen!


Say It Ain't So!!

The truth finally comes out. This is almost as disturbing as the day Holmgren left. My heart is breaking!!