Call to Action

Faithful readers of this blog: this is a call to action:

Our Mayor, Herb Bergson, has taken a groundbreaking step of issuing a Proclamation welcoming our GLBT community and proclaiming Sept 3-5 GLBT Pride Days here in Duluth. This is the first time this has ever happened in our community. I urge all of you readers, even if you don't live around here, to contact Herb and let him know that you support his decision to end hate and intolerance by city government in the Duluth area. Here is his contact information:
email: hbergson@ci.duluth.mn.us
phone: 218-730-5230
An internet form you can fill out that sends email directly to him:

He is recieving a lot of hate mail and phone calls from people who disagree with his decision. Let's show our support for him and let him know he is not alone.

Thank you!

Meat Purveyors at Pizza Luce!

The first time the Meat Purveyors came to town we stayed up very late spray painting the walls in my basement. The next time they came the police showed up at their hotel room. I think their partyin' ways may have mellowed some but their music still kicks my ass.

Tonight the Meat Purveyors are back with supporting acts Father Hennepin and Trampled by Turtles. It all starts about 10 and it is worth being tired on Wednesday for.

Any Denfelder's?

I can't explain why, but I love this photo. If anyone is wondering, I was a Wrenshallite.


Pride Festivities

Howdy folks,

This weekend marks the 17th anniversary of Duluth-Superior GLBTQAI Pride in Duluth-Superior. We hope you will join us in our festivities! A complete listing of our festivities is located on our website at http://www.dspride.com

At our festival on Saturday this year, we will be featuring Trailer Park Queen and fattypants, among other performers, so it's worth coming out to Park Point just for those ladies!

We are still looking for poets to read at our poetry reading at the Norshor Friday night. If you are interested in reading, please contact me at dspride@hotmail.com. You can be straight or gay to read, as long as you're GLBT-friendly.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Happy Pride!!

Howdy Y'all

Greetings from the Republic of Texas! I am back at Texas A&M after my extended stay in Duluth, sigh.... Wow, I had a great time when I was there and would like to thank everyone I had the pleasure to talk to and drink with. You are very lucky (and/or smart) to live where you do. You do not realize what you have until you leave it for an extended period, in particular the beer but also the community of good and diverse people in our social groups, the music and the Lake. I am in the very heart of conservative Texas, a pilgrim in an unholy land, with all the God, gun and George W. freaks here. Scary, but I love my program and my job so I keep busy and try to forget where I am, but it is difficult with George Sr.'s presidential library on our campus, Barbara bush parent center, pro-war rallies,ad nauseaum.

I do not know when I will be back for I have another tough year at school with more globe trotting in the works. Please drink a decent pint of brewhouse beer for me while I swill Shiner bock. Thanks y'all.


Free Speech? Whadyatalkingabout?

bikes against bush arrestJoshua Kinberg, Bikes Against Bush protester/inventor/artist, was arrested while demonstrating his invention to MSNBC. Of course this means that it was all captured on video and is on the web.

He was arrested and all of his equipment was impounded. His hearing is set for Friday, the day after the Republican National Convention ends. Isn't that convenient?

Folks, I don't think it's an overstatement to say that our First Ammendment rights are under attack in this country.


Rummage Sale?

Well, I think I walked by the Rummage Sale on E. 8th and 3rd. It is Sunday, but it was there. Or else there was a different one. There was a woman in the yard I think, and some people looking around. I was thinking about stopping, but I thought it was only on Fri. and Sat., so I was too shy to stop. I doubt anyone saw me, but I almost made eye contact with someone. There was a bunch of orange stuff hanging.

I love the future!!

Bikes Against Bush!

I'm left speechless about the awsome utiliztion of technology here!!! A web enabled bike spray chalking the streets of NYC with anti-bush text messages...huzzah!!

She's no longer playing Solitare

80's pop icon Laura Branigan died in her sleep on Thursday, August 26th of a Brain aneurysm.

Ah, who can forget such hits as "Gloria", "Solitare", and "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You."


Actual conversation from 20 minutes ago...

Husband: Why don't you just clean your ear with a Q-Tip?
Me: You're not supposed to use Q-Tips in your ear - it says so right on the box.
Husband: That's just like the "Contents may be hot" warning on coffee cups.
Me: There is a big difference between a notice of extreme temperatures, and a warning not to place a product in your orifice. As a general rule, I try to follow all orifice warnings.

Couple Things

In case you're all looking for some ManKato to spice up your weekend.

Also, I've become addicted to Good News For People Who Love Bad News by Modest Mouse, unfortunately ensuring that LPs first confrontation with his teacher will end in "Who would wanna be? Who would wanna be such an asshohe?"

From hell's heart...

I stab at thee...

christmas in august

dj edgewood spun low's version of "blue christmas" last night at the starfire lounge.

"i wonder why he's playing that," a bemused starfire said once or twice.


it's the most important of all questions, and making up an answer to it is better than any sort of real work.

we have as guides to our answers only abstract and minimal context clues:

*it was 26 august--that don henley's "boys of summer"-ish time of melancholy, conspicuously shorter days, and impending chill
*edgewood was wearing a black suit, a white shirt, and a black porkpie hat
*humidity was high
*at one table, conversation centered on europeans' (or at least scandinavians') ability to see a naked human body without sexual connotation. this vein of discussion segued into americans' corresponding inability to separate nudity from sex, which further segued into a critique of craig blacklock's photos of his naked wife, honey (ostensibly taken before she was even his girlfriend), in various states of repose in and around lake superior. the consensus: average photos, with a heavy (despite the artists' claims to the contrary) sexual vibe, processed and presented very nicely.
*no other christmas music was played
*around 10:45 p.m., a girl in jeans and a shimmery top approached fitger's, from the west, on the sidewalk along the lower side of superior street. soon she was in the brewhouse, where she made multiple serpentine laps, perhaps looking for someone. soon she left, retracing her route. not once did she stop talking on her cell phone.

there you have it, forensic bloggers.

why did edgewood play "blue christmas"?


Solar Lawnmower, Futon Mattress, Dressers, Dresses.......

Hey, i'm "officially" moving out this weekend & need to get rid of my belongings. I gots lots of oddities. Come check it @ 305 E. 8th St. Friday from 8-3. Sat. from 8-2.
Does anyone have any good web hosts that you could recommend? My previous web host (that I used to really like) has begun discovering new levels of ass-suckiness, so I'm doing a blanket poll to try to get input. Please send me an email (mkengstrom(at)gmail(dot)com) or post a comment. Thanks! :)

What I look for in a webhost:
Cost: not willing to pay more than $15/mo, and won't charge/over-charge if one of my pages becomes slashdotted
Storage: need at least 50mb, but much more is preferred
Database, ASP, FrontPage Extensions: don't need it right now
Bandwidth: don't need a whole lot, just "average"
Uptime: I don't mind a few outages, but not more than .5hr/mo
Ads: absolutely none

Speed and speech

Ok so this is a bit geeky and techophila, but kinda following up on my last post, there is a Swedish ISP that offers 100-megabit-per-second service (something like 100 times faster than reg cable modems). Christ, if this ever comes close to being standard you can kiss your TV goodbye. There is a Reuters article about high speed broadband in general here.

And here is an interesting article about language use in the "War on Terror" by linguist George Lakoff which is cool even if you are tired of politics. For instance....- "You've said that progressives should never use the phrase "war on terror" — why? There are two reasons for that. Let's start with "terror." Terror is a general state, and it's internal to a person. Terror is not the person we're fighting, the "terrorist." The word terror activates your fear, and fear activates the strict father model, which is what conservatives want. The "war on terror" is not about stopping you from being afraid, it's about making you afraid."-

Gmail anyone?

I still have 6 invites left for Gmail (Googles new free-mail service.) Drop me an email if you would like an invitation.

MAC Thursday 26th CrazySexyWHATTHEHELL?!

Bratw├╝rst plays with meat and power tools.

'Nuff said.

Please get there early to see me! (Dirty Knobs) I still don't know what I'm going to do. Come and watch me fail! I'll make you feel good to be you and not me!

Money 4 Nuthin..Chix 4 Free!!

Just thought I'd let you guys know, setting up ads on your blog isnt as easy as it used to be. PIST.COM is currently un-able to get ads set up from ValueClick the nations most insideous spammer and pop-up broadcaster. We decided to take it all the way and are starting a blog about our efforts to sacrifice ourselves to the gods of internet advertising..and their un-willingness to accept our burnt offerings.

Getting an email from a friend overseas.......Perfect Duluth Morning

Dear Laura
It is very nice to hear from you i always waiting for ypur message just today i have a chance received your lovely note it makes me happy and smile especially get to know that you and your boyfriend have happiness
i stand here wishing you get well all the time and miss you so much as you see i always email to you this modify that i have a feeling to you and your family,
yes i like your picture so much moreover you and your boyfriend take a photo together hope you will share it to me as soon as possible.
truely, i always like it carrot cabage melon and tarot.
this time the whether in my country is so good the water full bank the river all the trees are blue and green it 's lovely.
My address: Maub Nalong
# 3 Wat Unnalom Phnom Penh city, Cambodia.

Wishing you and your boyfriend get well on your job.
waiting you
Best wishes


Whaddya think?

Blogger (owned by Google) is offering a way to make money with Blogs. Adsense is available to add to any Blog and we could make money. It works just like those Google ads which are text ads and are customized to the content of the Blog. There are a bunch of rules about doing this but it could be a way to help pay for the 200 bucks a year it costs to maintain this PDD site.

Would this be selling out? I am not sure that they would even accept a group Blog, especially one with occasional profanity. Feel free to leave your comments on this matter.


My favorite utility.

Of all the utilities I pay for every month I gotta say Electricity is the greatest. It rarely goes up or down in price (like natural gas) and it is reasonably priced for all that you get, lights, refrigeration, clean clothes. I spose water comes in a super close second place, what with its life sustaining qualities but it still can't power my Powerbook.


Hallelujah, hallelujah
We're here to pull ya
back here to do it all the same
Hallelujah, hallelujah
Not sent to save ya
Just here to spike and play some games

Shaun Ryder

Happy birthday to a true genius; Shaun Ryder of the Happy Mondays. At once an influence and a deterrence. Your music inspires me and reading about your antics makes me feel somewhat normal. Keep on keepin' on!

(I know it's a day late, but I was too busy yesterday.)

Request for crazy shit fulfilled:

George Bush targeted Duluthians!

It's only a matter of time until Perfect Duluth Day posters are relocated to Guantanamo Bay.

You may already know this....

Am starting to dip my toe into this world of Online music thingie (I had a brief afair with napster way back when it was free), gotta say DRM bites infected monkey ass (in my opinion), found a few DRM free (and legal) mp3 sites out of... Russia Mp3 search at .05 - .10 a song, and All of Mp3 which charges by the MB (pretty cheap overall). Neither site is as... extensive as Itunes or Napster, but is DRM free and no special system/equipment needed. Comparisons here. I feel odd getting my music from a Russian source, kinda like I should be meeting someone in a dark ally and passing over a suitcase full of nickles or something


People Like That On Cruises Like These

You may have noticed that Julie the Cruise Director has been a bit lazy lately. Well, as always, this is a community, and you can help.

I've reorganized the Cruise Director page, as you can see. The left side consists of links, the right side consists of events posted via a blog, which you can join.

If you are one of those people who tends know what the hell's going on in this city, drop a line to julie@perfectduluthday.com and join the Cruise Director. (If you are already a member of PDD, joining is very easy.) Information about events is the top reason people visit this site, and it would be cool to be able to provide accurate, easy-to-find information on a consistent basis.

Also, even if you don't want to join, e-mail julie@perfectduluthday.com with your suggestions for websites to link to, and with any other suggestions for this part of PDD.

Merci beaucoup.

Dinner with Charlotte

charlotte vanvactorTomorrow night (Tuesday) you can dine with Charlotte VanVactor (Geek Queen runner up, County Commissioner Candidate, and all around swell person) at Chester Creek Cafe and help support her campaign. The cost is only $15 per person and there will be a silent auction as well. The shindig starts at 6pm. For more information click here.

By the way, Charlotte is doing great and has received every endorsement she had planned to get - Duluth Central Labor Body, AFSCME, and Progressive Action. You can still get one of her lovely yard signs to grace your lawn or window.

Don't forget to vote in the primaries on September 14! (just three weeks from now)


Two things..

First off the pdd store has vanished..

Secondly, anyone check out the "meet the bloggers" page? CastIron Rabbit has taken over like it was Park Point.


Hey, Jerky--

For you freaks who don't have and want, Crazy Train Tickets will be on sale at the Tap Room after 9pm tonight.


they ran us out on a rail

here's a peek at some chi-town antics

Stolen Gear

Got this email today:
stolen from back of jen's boy's car. keep an eye out, if you will. pass on
to other locals if you can.
 Okay here is the info: Marshall JCM 900 4 by 12 cab aka 1960A/
in great shape except for 2 inch tears on the back. Also stolen: Gallian
Krueger backline bass cab 4 by 10. Also in great shape. John thanks you so
much for your help as do I. If you hear anything call Johnny Yerhot
722-1117. Thanks. love and peace and good shows...Jen

contested elections

Perhaps we are moving into an era where democracy in general is facing a crisis of verifiability and trust. Not only do we have the suspicions of election 2000 in the US, not to mention the ongoing concerns with touchsceen paperless electronic voting, but many other countries are having problems, such as Mongolia which has been deadlocked for Two Months over the last election, of course there is the Venezuela situation which never seems to end, in 2002 Bush was openly supportive of the coup attempt against Chavez. The Philippines, Taiwan... Are people just bellyaching or is there something brewing? Perhaps how we have structured democracy should be re-evaluated?


Speaking of spam subjects...

Here's a website that has pictures inspired by spam subject headings: Spamusement

You Have One Month To Get Ready

Mark your calendar:

Friday, Sept. 17 | 8 p.m. | Twin Ports Music and Arts Collective

* Paul Lundgren will render aloud selections of his literary works
* The Lake Superior Cacophonic Choir will perform its newest song
* Tony Bennett will sing melodic ballads while playing his acoustic guitar
* DJ Connor will fill in the gaps with fat trax fo’ yo’ ass crax
* The best audience member will win a trophy


Are we nationally nuts?

You know it is political illness when between 1/5 and 1/4 of the nation is considered a toss up in the coming election, it makes my stomach hurt to think of the pending electoral season.

Incidentaly, what do you think will happen if it is percieved that Bush & Co steal this election? What will you do if this is a suspicious electon? Will anything happen? People often say "If X wins I'm moving out of country" but it rarely happens. As Rudy Rucker pointed out, the only time that happened was during VNam when the hivemind was bent on killing off mass numbers of people

Lost.... 1 Rabbit

Has anyone seen my son.... the Cast Iron Rabbit?

Ultra Violet

Please join us this Thursday, August 19, at 7 p.m. at the Spirit of the North Theatre in the Fitger's Brewery Complex for the Launch of Chris Monroe's Ultra Violet: Ten Years of "Violet Days."

Chris will present her hilarious slideshow, "My Life as a Cartoonist" at 7 p.m.

Afterward, Chris will sign copies of her book as well as her 18 x 24 inch limited edition, signed-and-numbered print of an original oil pastel painting--the only Chris Monroe fine art print available anywhere! (Scroll down for a peak.) Refreshments will be served.

Following the signing, come on downstairs to the Fitger's Brewhouse for a special Starfire Lounge with Starfire, the Right Reverend Lumpy G., and others spinning music. Master Brewer Dave Hoops and his talented crew have honored Miss Monroe by brewing a stunning portrait of the artist as a beer: Ultra Violet Ale. Enjoy one (or more) in a limited edition, commemorative "Ultra Violet Ale" pint glass.

Hope to see you there!

Tony Dierckins Sally Anderson
X-communication The Bookstore at Fitgers
Of interest to PDDer's: 'Insider' info puts city blogs on the map


My Alter Ego

So we were driving back from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon last March in our rented convertible and we came across one of those Adopt a Highway signs. Normally they name the so and so 4H club, or the History Club, a church, etc. This section was cleaned up by Maverick & Shirley. Maverick and Shirley? Who were these fascinating people? John and I were instantly hooked. So we added the name Tumbleweed and our alter egos were born. When facing a question, like "What should we do tonight?", "Should we keep this old couch?" "Should I really have another beer?", etc, we say, "what would Shirley or Maverick do?" Let me tell you, Maverick and Shirley sure know how to have a good time.

5 names I think would be cool to have.

1. Billy | This name rolls off the tongue easily and makes you seem forever youthful.

2. Boadie | This was the name of a swim-teammate of mine in Junior High. He once slugged me in the jaw for making fun of his Australian heritage. Also the nick-name of the roofer on my porch project.

3. Mars | My friend and band mate Bobby Olson wanted to name his son this but was overruled. It sounds very strong and masculine, MARS IS MY NAME, BACK OFF!

4. Raleigh | Its a bike, a neighborhood, a town, what more could you want?

5. Woody | Nuf said.


New Features

OK, so you all notice the new navbar at the top. I've been meaning to add some kind of search mechanism so that people can actually find what they are looking for in the archives. Now Blogger has provided one, which is kind of fitting, since they're owned by Google.

As always, if it looks screwy on your system, let me know. As far as how well it actually works, well, that's up to the geniuses at Google.

Also, you may or may not notice a little pencil-type graphic next to your posts. These are displayed when you are logged into Blogger, and when you click them, it brings you back to the page where you can edit your post. This is handy when you write something, look at it on the blog, and then realize you messed up.

Enjoy, baby.

Summer Follies

So I am back for good from the extended summer experience, below are some pics of Cloud Peak Wilderness in WY. The Most... surrreal point came when the group decided we should stop at Mt Rushmore. Not my cup of klava but what the hell. When we get there I have to use the restroom (insert joke here as needed) and as I settle in I realize the music they are playing, no, BLASTING in the restroom is "Glory, Glory Hallelujah.." I am struck wheither I should salute, cross myself and shit at the same time. Anyway, enjoy the photos, I had MY cameria on this trip and so have good photos in quanity, will post a link when I have more up on my site. Hope all is well in all of your worlds.

ps. I have a full functional croquet set as well I could bring to a pdd gathering.

The Pile Maker!!1!

Bulimia info?

Does anyone out there know of any sources of "So, you have Bulimia" type pamphlets or local easting disorder resources?
There is a woman on my floor who has bulimia and I was hoping to tape a pamphlet to the back of the door or something.
Any help?

Thursday. 19th. MAC. Show. Bands. Come. Please? Thank You!


Reactor Gypsies 2

Latest list of interesting spam subject headings:

basil collector
volleyball cyst
exception hedgehog
worm ginseng
sacrifice a little rape city (!)
bonnie mouthpiece
elvis quick
ovum punch

Any others out there?


It starts again...

Just found this on eBay: Thigh-high tan dockers from Duluth, MN /RARE NEVER SEEN/ HOT

Note to Paul: Please blame "Blogger-of-the-Week" for being a creepy stalker, not me. I only provided this as a service for him.
...can't get your own damn invite to PDD or your own webserver, A.H...

Los Angeles?!

So, I have a phone interview with the Los Angeles Public Library system next Tuesday. Should I move if they offer me a job? It has been a year since I received my master's degree in Library and Information Sciences and I have not been able to get a librarian job. I do currently have a good job (not as a librarian) at the Duluth Public Library, but it is a little boring and I do need a change. I feel like as time goes by it will look bad to employers that I received my degree a while ago. So maybe I should go ahead and go. Any advice?


Back to the Front

Since this little story made it to the front page of the Duluth News Tribune today, I thought it was a shame that the original post (from Monday night, Aug. 9) about the eBay pantyhose scandal was already in the PDD archives.

That post may have set a PDD record for longest public commentary thread so far (52 comments, as of 3:30 Thursday). So, I thought I'd open things up for further chatter.

Is everybody happy with the outcome, or are some of you secretly sad that such a saucy little morsel of local weirdness has been snuffed out so quickly?

Best B-Day Present Ever: Part 2

P.S. I'm alergic to bananas.

Best B-Day Present Ever: Part One

This is the front of a t-shirt my friends/co-workers made me. It's a parody of this shirt.


If anyone is awake out there at this hour (2 am) go check out the sky. There's a meteor shower going on. From where I'm at, most of 'em seem to be concentrated in the western sky. Pretty darn cool.



...I finally feel like a little angel flippin' the bird to the world again.

Whereas the past few days I've felt like a no armed baby
with an exit wound fez head.

God bless soup and time!,
and Laurie for the figurines to help me express my feelings.
the end?

drinks are on you!

if i survive todays visit from my mom & dad. see you all at happy hour.....cheers.


Caption This

It's been a long time since I...

So summer is going way to fast. My Blogging has been kept to a minimum lately due to many factors (love, work, porch project, visitors and on and on and on.) It seems to me that we need another PDD gathering soon so that I can find out who the hell you all are. Does anyone have any good ideas? Methinks something family oriented would be nice.


Slip-n-Slide party
Horshoes party
Frisbee on the beach
Enger tower BBQ
Wheelchair races down Lake Ave.

Sound off on your ideas and dates for a PDD get-to-gether.

Now I am going to get back to my porch painting.

And before Luce...

Come down to the MAC for e.t. this Wednesday 7pm-10pm or so.
The lineup:

Ted Heinonen (on solo Nickleharpa)
Paul Metzger (of TVBC)
The Cathode Rays (Marc Gartman's band)

If you don't make it to any e.t.'s this year, make it to this one. It's Paul Metzger SOLO for cryin' out loud! You won't see this anywhere else at any other time in Duluth, folks. Yeah, sure - they don't have booze. Bring a bottle and drink in the alley if you have to. Just come down - you'll be glad you did. Oh, it's also FREE.

22 North 1st Avenue West
(about 1/2 block up from Jitters)

See you there!


Mo' Fat

Hey There.

I get to play the opening set for this week's Fat Wednesday at the Luce. I'll even have a bit of a band with me... Hans on drums, my good friend Ren on electric guitar and bass, and hopefully some mandolin by Joe Walsh (our local Joe Walsh, not that other one). Very exciting.

And you already know (or have recently read of) the greatness that is Father Hennepin.

Come on down if you can.

- - -

Wed. Aug 11th, 10pm
Father Hennepin with Jerree Small
Pizza Luce - 211 E. Suprior St. - Downtown Duluth

UPDATE: The auction has been taken down (probably by eBay). But it looks like he's been at this before...
Ok, just one last post of the day...
I just found this on eBay - anyone else completely freaked out??? Those don't look like consenting models.
Pantyhose babes from Duluth, MN /RARE NEVER SEEN/ HOT

Yard Sale anyone?

I am thinking about having a rummage sale next weekend and wonder if anyone else would like to help set up, contribute to and run a sale. The more the merrier. I have a fair amount of shit to sell and thought the sale would have more appeal if others added their stuff too. Any thoughts? I have a decent house/yard to hold a sale.

If anyone is interested let me know ASAP and and to potential customers I am selling all types of tools, (woodworking, painting, yard and garden, roofing, antique hand tools etc) building materials, clothing, outdoor gear and perhaps some of my thousands of record LPs along with other interesting miscellania.

It will rock more than sitting down at Bayfront Blues Festival with a bunch of obnoxious, drunk blues fans and put a little extra drinking money in your pocket. Thanks.

Jon Swanson

I need to talk, but I have no one to talk to. So instead of sitting pent up and pretending to work when my mind won’t let me, I’ll talk to strangers. Lucky you.
A brief summary of the plot so far: my dad’s dad (Norman - I don’t consider him my grandfather) walked out on him and grandma when he was 4. Said he was going to California to earn money and would write when he got there to send for them. He never wrote – end of story. The epilogue may be full of a second-guessing grandmother who doesn’t stand up for herself, a dad with anger-management issues and his daughter who gets all of this stupid emotional shit passed on to her, but at least the story is done.
But the book was not content to be finished and forgotten.
A few years ago my sister tracked down Norman and his “new” family. It turns out that he had moved to Arizona, started a family, and had only died just a few months before my sister found them. They don’t know about us and no one tells my dad or grandma about the discovery. The typewriter slows and the story is done once again.
Then my mother decides to contact the new family. She says she just wants to know to get their “medical history” but we all know she’s just stirring shit up. She talks to Norman’s granddaughter, and we all get to hear about how great he was and he was such a nice guy and every summer the family would go on vacation to Minnesota(!) and so on.
Well, how very nice for you. That bastard leaves my family in dysfunctional disarray, and you get tell me about all of your fond memories of him. Great, just fucking great.
My family is all excited to meet their new “relatives” and all I can think about is how the fuck do you guys get to grow up happy with “grandpa”, while I get to deal with the fucked-up family that he caused? Thanks for the consolation prize… Not only do I get to hear all about them, but I get to see them too since I’m the only one who can figure out how make the pictures small enough to email (Norman’s the grouchy bastard on the right). I hate having to look at photos of people that oddly resemble my dad.
But there’s another chapter: I guess Norman was an asshole to his new family too. Huh. That oddly makes me feel better, but now I feel horrible that I feel happy that someone else had a fucked-up family too.
I hate all of this shit. I was more comfortable when my family tree had a branch missing and no one cared. Yea, my dad had a dad, but he’s probably dead, would you like some tea? It was over and done with. The book was written, closed, and put up on the shelf. But now it’s sitting open on the table like a wound and everyone but me is excited to read it.
Sorry for the rant, but thanks for letting me vent – I just needed to get this shit out… or at least a little sedated.

Machine vs. Human vs. Ghost

This thing perplexed me, but some of the more "music-geek" types would probably love it.


LP's Band Hauls Dynamite


Love and Marriage

Well my cousin's wedding was yesterday. Big gala event, at a church in morgan park. Great thing, I was glad I went. They have been together for awhile. My cousin, I grew up with him. He was the closest to a sibling I had. We played g. i. joe's and video games. It's so sad that we are getting so old. I'm 18, and I am the youngest of the 3 of us. I cried. There was a great reception too. Everyone was sippin wine and beer, and everyone was dancing. And there was a feast! They had fancy little napkins that had the bride and groom's names on them, and they had the coolest little bells. It had a saying on it that said:
"Let wedding bells sound a chorus,
They ask the bride and groom before us,
To share a kiss of harmony,
and bring true joy to all who see"
And when you rang it, they kissed. It was such a fun event. Alot of people I haven't seen in years, and alot of people I never met.

Random Sightings...

I get around the streets of Duluth quite a bit, either by walking or my trusty mule (bike). I think it's safe to say I've encountered a good number of the residents of this town whilst pounding the sidewalks and pedaling the streets, and there is one old fella I seem to run into...randomly... everywhere. He's a kindly gent, about 80 if he's a day, with tan skin and whitewhitewhite hair. I've spoken to him briefly on a few occasions, either to tell him the time (odd, because I gave up wearing a watch in 1996) or to just acknowledge his presence in this reality. I've run into him mostly around the blocks between 7th and 9th Aves and 1st to 4th streets, and as far away as downtown. Mostly he walks, but sometimes I've seen him with a broom in his hand sweeping sidewalks and steps to people's houses. Today, I saw him across the street from my house sweeping the sidewalk in front of the duplex across the street. Anyone else see this old fella? If you walk at all in this town, you've probably run into him (or me, without knowing it).

just an observation...thanks for listening...

If anyone knows anything about Technics SL23 turntables and their quirky speed servos, chime in. I am trying to save mine from needless banishment to the basement.


The Original Mark Edwards

Debut Album of a musician from the cities I enjoy.

my brother's perfect duluth day

I'm a little scared to post for the first time ever, but after some gentle coaxing from predicate nominative, I have decided to share something with you that made me smile a little and cry a little. I just received my first letter in the mail from Pat, my little brother who has been in Iraq for about two months now. Here is an excerpt from that letter, talking about when he drove up to Duluth to visit me right before he left:

"I always liked the part of the road right when you can first see the city. Way up top where it kind of shakes all the way down, before you get to all the different tunnels and exits. You can see the different industrial and manufacturing sites. All the lights and then the vast view of Superior- all of this at night. I had a randomly burned CD in, and REM's 'nightswimming' came on right as you see the whole view and I thought, 'hey, what if someone is night swimming in Superior right now?' It would be cold. Real cold. I have that song on my MP3 player here and whenever I hear it this is exactly where my mind goes and I can picture everything perfectly. That's my favorite part of Duluth. It's kind of like I've got a little piece of home I can go to whenever I want."

That's his perfect duluth day.

I'm Dead, Bitch

It's all true--Rick James, 56--died Friday of natural causes in his Los Angeles home.

On a completely unrelated note, Lars said today is "National Date Day." I never.

Perfect West Duluth Night

To all you chickens and skinflints who were either too scared or too cheap to come to the Spirit Valley Days Street Dance last night, I give you this video of Hairball's performance. You missed out on a West Duluth experience of a lifetime.

Hairball [WMV, 3.83Mb]

Also, check out barrettchase.com for exciting still pictures of Paul standing next to people, and more.


Note to self.

Just because there is a bottle of Jameson on the stage doesn't mean that I have to get all Robert Pollard on it. It sure was fun at the time but I will never forget Ted telling me "Dude, you're playing the wrong chords."

There Goes the Neighborhood

According to the MAC's event calendar, Sudden Death of Bone Appetit is playing a solo gig there on Friday night.

Sell any downtown or hillside property you may own (while you still can) and get out of town ... NOW!

Bridget Riversmith Art Opening

Hey y'all. Come down to Adeline's tomorrow, August 6 for "Vanishing Act," another spectacular art exhibit from Bridget. There will be seven new pieces of artwork, plus some older stuff, including the painting shown on the right of this page.

The reception is from 7-10pm, with music by Christian McShane and the Party Store Minnows. And oh, Adeline's is in the Building for Women, 32 E. First St.


follow procedures and we all come home alive...

Just a quick note to say that pist.com is back up...after some apache distress and a move to a new hosting service, we're up and ready to accept your agnst! Here's a ditty from PDD's own Predicate Nominative in the file gallery -- wonder what the offending purchase was?

one pist boss

Happy Birthday Jill Hall

If you been stuck in the house all day, and you're bored fashon-senseless like me, mayhap you should come out to celebrate Jill Hall's 23rd birthday at the Looch w/ Fat Hen and the 'Turtles.

sweet holy moses, another rural film festival.

this weekend, the festival action will take place in grand rapids. the guy at the grand rapids coffee shop told me so, and he had amish-style facial hair so i know he wouldn't lie. though he might mislead you into thinking he drove a buggy. go to the bearded child film festival.

Perfect Duluth Wednesday III

We've got a helluva nice day on our hands again. A Perfect Duluth Day, in fact. Meet up tonight at the beach, as usual, for hot Frisbee action, etc.

BYOB = Bring Your Own Blatz.

Some PDDers prefer going to 22nd St. S. and entering the beach there. I prefer going all the way to the end. Feel free to argue about this in the comments.

For now, let's say 5:30 p.m.ish by the Beach House. That's all the way down Minnesota Avenue, by the big soccer/softball field. Got it?

dig it:

the onion's review of a lifteime of temporary relief.

there's a review at www.mnartists.org, too.

Round TWO!

Would you like a little Bluegrass on your Fat Hen's? Tonight, the wonderful Trampled by Turtles will be bringing their throngs of faithful fans to the Looch to play with us, Father Hennepin, who are fresh off a very succesful wedding gig at Glensheen Mansion.

Good times.

Trampled by Turtles | 10pm

Father Hennepin | 11pm

Bottles of Bud 2 bucks
Jack and Jim drinks 2.50

as always, Water is free.

Next week | Jerree Small and friends!!


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